BOTLab members' meeting 09 May 2017

Date/time and location: 7pm, 09 May 2017 at the Hackspace

  • Incident review
  • BV Open Studios
  • Disposal of oscilloscopes
  • AOB

Members: Emily G. Richard L. Tom G.

Committee:Toby S. (minutes)

Apologies: Nick G. Russ C. Ian S.


None reported via email or listed in the incident log (on first aid board G11)

BV Open studios

Russ C has passed on thanks from Penny and Robert of BV studios for the Hackspace's help and contribution to the successful running of the event.

Russ C passed on thanks for those who helped with the clean-up evening. Many bags of dirt and layers of filth were removed.

Disposal of Oscilloscopes

TG: we have too many scopes, both duplicating abilities and some defective

TS: happy to take TG's advice about which units to keep / dispose.

All: agreed to give members a couple of weeks to express interest before moving to disposal.

What if people want the same scope?

TG: first come first served

EG: lottery for popular items

Proposed to keep:

Tektronix 2245: newly acquired, highest performance, 4 channel 100MHz. Nice, but probably needs preventative recapping.
Agilent 54621: our only DSO, people use it, 60MHz
Telequipment DM63: rare dual beam, analogue storage, 35MHz
Kenwood CS4125: small, easy to use, excellent beginners scope, only 20MHz
Topward 7042: see the Kenwood
Metrotest OX802: sensitive, see the Kenwood. N.B. not ours - on loan

Propose we dispose of these either to members or to recycle:

Schlumberger 5602.C: functional, but remarkably horrible (designed by a software engineer, not a hardware engineer!), 100MHz. If we can't find a masochistic member, take it to the tip.
Gould OS300: functional, not wonderful. Suitable for a member to use.
Hameg HM203: functional but completely unremarkable, slightly strange controls. Suitable for a member to use.
Wavetek 9020: functional but poor. Suitable for a member to repair
Tek TDS340: only virtue is 100MHz on some ranges of one channel; hybrids are unobtanium.

FFI members can see or contact TG


Tech Skill Share

EG: Nic M circulated (via email list) the idea that artists in BV sometimes take on a young person(s) for a few hours to share skills. Maybe there could be a Tech version by members.

RL: What's the goal?

TS: Is this self organised or via some existing structure?

RL: Are any members interested to “tech skill shares”

EG: ACTION repost the topic to the list to see if there's any member interest

Maintenance weekends

EG: can the BV studios tidying enthusiasm be replicated for the maintenance weekend?

RL: when is next w/e scheduled?

TS: ACTION check date to send reminders to lists

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