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 **Date/time and location:** 7pm, 13 September 2016 at the Hackspace **Date/time and location:** 7pm, 13 September 2016 at the Hackspace
 ===== Agenda ===== ===== Agenda =====
 +  * Vote of thanks for Bristol Mini Maker Faire
   * Revised [[:policy_on_children_in_the_hackspace|draft policy on children in the hackspace]]   * Revised [[:policy_on_children_in_the_hackspace|draft policy on children in the hackspace]]
   * Plans for BOTLab AGM and election of new committee (in Feb 2017)   * Plans for BOTLab AGM and election of new committee (in Feb 2017)
 +  * Updating guidance on writing Hackspace proposals
 +  * Short-term membership (this is being requested increasingly often)
 +  * [[:hsproposals_2016-08-16-transwave-rotary-converter|Purchase proposal for Transwave rotary converter]]
 +  * AOB: Build-up in Laser extraction system - [[https://forum.bristolhack.space/t/laser-shmoo-in-the-flue/72|See post]] on forum. (Russell C)
 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
-  * People+  * DW (minutes-taker), TG, JD, IH
-===== Topics discussed =====+===== Apologies ===== 
 +  * Russell C
-  Items+ 
 +===== Topics discussed ===== 
 +  Policy on children 
 +    * TG: Could we check the insurance position on clause 4?  
 +    * TG: How to we cover the risk that people may not understand risks to children? DW: Clause 2.II . TG: This is about the best we can do! 
 +  * Committee elections and AGM 
 +    * Current model: 
 +    * TG: Another model: have specific roles, each person has a maximum term in each role (but can rotate round), at AGM there is a show of hands for and against each person for each role (which is normally unanimous!). Public or private? JD: Public is faster and simpler, haven't found situations where this might be contentious. TG: Might be contentious if related to money or changes of . JD also hapy with voting.  
 +  * Why aren't people here? 107 members last month 
 +    * Weather? Long way to travel? 
 +    * Nothing they want to discuss? 
 +    * Lack of awareness? JD received email to members' list. TG: There are now 3 email lists and the new forum. TG: Maybe people have to be informed of some things? DW: Potential problem is that Gmail webmail interface may hide emails from hackspace mailing lists,  
 +    * DW: Oblige members to come to meetings as part of their membership? As part of a set minimum time commitment towards the space? JD: maybe requiing this would make people less likely to want to come, but encourage people to commit time.  
 +    * TG: WRT skillshares, afraid  
 +    * TG: maybe just a combination of random chance and the lack of interesting agenda items. Maybe could discuss specific items by email - e.g. in the case of policy on children, now that we've had these fora for discussion, . DW: Face-to-face is easier for discussions, but email is feasible. 
 +    * JD: emphasise that if people don't come to meetings, they won't have teir views heard. Emphasise that proxy voting/opinions are allowable. 
 +    * TG: support idea of non-deactivable email. 
 +    * JD: Emphasise that everyone is welcome. - TG: distill all of these into a standard rubric on every email! 
 +  * TG: Would like to have visibility of insurance policy. May not make it public - DW: why not? 
 +  * TG: Storage boxes
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