BOTLab members meeting 26th January 2016

Date/time and location: 7pm, Tuesday 26th January 2016 at the Hackspace

  1. Action points from previous meeting
  2. Insurance Update
  3. Laser Cutter Update
  4. BV Open Studios
  5. EMF Camp
  6. Agree Acceptable Space Usage
  7. Defining committee member roles
  8. Volunteer coordinator position
  9. Volunteers: “Whats needed to run Hackspace” Wiki Page , Minimum requirement for membership
  10. G10 DNH Labels Action needed before the end of March
  11. Hackspace G10 and G11 room reorganisation and tidy up

Committee: To be completed

BOTLab members: To be completed

  • Apologies Toby S
  • Action points from previous meeting
    • Investigation of wiring lathe up to 3-phase on-going. Nik M sorting. Mains sockets also.
    • Insurance compliance ongoing
    • Workshop improvements ongoing
    • Skillshares taken on by John W
    • Fire Safety - done, but new sofa needs to be acquired
    • Hackspace door lock - High Security lock £600 + VAT, RFID £1100 + VAT. Joe D to negotiate with Robert
    • CNC Router - Nick will probably get his own, and allow hackspace access
    • Pillar drill - done, but needs new pulley
    • Farewell to Matt Venn
  • Insurace update
    • DH: Toby is taking on responsibility for risk assessments.
  • Laser cutter update
    • Arthur setting up intranet to control access.
    • Discussion about how far to backdate usage charge
  • BV Open Studios - 22nd to 24th April 2016
    • DH: Penny would like some effort!
    • New Projects?
  • EMF Camp - 5-7 August 2016
    • Opportunity to create new projects
  • Volunteer coordinator position/Defining committee member roles
    • Joe D outlines role of coordinator - contact point for new members, organiser, and 'glue' for hackspace.
    • Potentially employed as contractor, to avoid insurance problems.
    • Further consideration of role, leading to proposal?
    • Joe D asks for roles of committee members
    • More makerspace type of roles in committee members?
    • RD - We are a hackspace, not a makerspace
    • JW - How hands on does support need to be?
    • Joe D - 3 points: committee transparency; transition… to what? Democracy for proposals.
    • John D - More visibility and to know who to contact
    • Pam - enjoys introducing new members, but needs more clarification on induction, and referrals for help
    • John W - One committee member 'on duty' each Thursday night, as point of contact
    • Arthur A - Limit comments on proposals to 160 characters
    • Joe D - Is there a better way to get proposal approval than the mailing list?
    • Tom G - Conversational dissent should not be stifled
  • Agree Acceptable Space Usage
    • John W - Is there an intention to enforce the 'tidy up after yourself' rule?
    • Action - DH improve signage
    • Ian S - Web cam to identify persistent untidy members
    • David W - We have never done sanctions. Revisit?
    • David H - We need to improve systems to identify membership
    • John W - If the laser cutter desk is dirty, it should be hoovered off. This could be tracked by laser usage.
    • Ultimately, people must be made to clean up after themselves.
  • Volunteers: What's needed to run the hackspace
    • John W - Should there be a wiki page setting out what's needed to run hackspace, and what is required of members, ie volunteering time to keep it running.
    • DH - Another meeting sooner?
    • Joe D - Don't want to alienate membership by requiring time, particularly from people who pay but don't use.
    • Action - wiki page clarifying what's expected of members
  • G10 DNH Labels, room reorganisation and tidy up
    • John W - Green labelled stuff in G10 needs to be turned over.
    • Action - David W setting up doodle for membership-wide clean up day
    • DH - Quarterly clean ups? Generally agreed.
    • IS - Take ownership of donated items, to disassemble and put into stock, or chuck.
  • AOB
    • Joe D - Proposal process undemocratic? Committee has too much power of veto? Transparency?
    • DH - Committee has final legal responsibility.
    • Joe D - Who is responsible for looking at grants and property?
    • DH and John D interested in liaising about this
    • RD (and Tom G) do no agree with limited responses to proposals.
    • DW - Petty cash for consumables and small purchases to be discussed another time
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