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BOTLab members meeting 25th March 2015

Date/time and location: 7pm, Wed 25 March 2015 at the Hackspace

  1. Apologies:
  2. Action points from last meeting
  3. Options for Provision of Serviced and Maintained Laser for Hackspace; clarify the equipment to be bought and who will pay for it, the ownership model/usage charging etc.
  4. BV Studios improvements update: fire cover, new sockets in G10 and wired broadband
  5. Monthly workshop series update
  6. Health and Safety, cleanliness and tidyness in G10 and food areas
  7. Purchasing proposals:
    1. Laser proposal document
    2. Surface plate proposal
    3. Dust Extraction Unit Purchase
    4. Vacuum Cleaner
    5. Dust mask provision

Matt V, Tom G, Ed R, David W (minute-taker), Russ C, Toby S, David H, Jo E, John M, John W, Steph T, Russell D, Mike H, Kaspar B, Jon D, Nic M

  1. Apologies: Erica Baccus, Mark Palmer
  2. Points from last meeting:
    1. Fire cover: landlord happy for us to provide our own additional fire cover above building fire alarm but we must take responsibility for it and be trained in how to use it. JW has obtained quote for £200 for 2 CO2 & 2 foam extinguishers, £42/yr for 4 years for maintenance. DW: how to decide about H&S/statutory requirements? MV: discuss/vote as committee outside this meeting. RC: Get in touch with local fire brigade? JW: actually fire brigade is less useful because they don't . Voted to defer this to committee - close to unanimous.
    2. New sockets: yes, we can do it if we get plan & quote from approved contractor - TS still working on it, will produce
    3. Wired broadband: no at the moment
    4. Monthly workshop series: going well, 3rd one upcoming & is sold out
    5. Buying nuts & bolts: MV hasn't done yet, will do
  3. Laser cutter:
    1. No procedure for making large purchases as yet
    2. DW: BOTLab constitution doesn't govern how the hackspace is run
    3. JW: identify which things we could buy, then choose which one to buy, then finances, finally administration
    4. Finances:
      1. JW proposes that we could put some of the surplus each month into a fund for long-term purchases - each member can vote for how to spend their share each month, or vote for it to be reserved for later
      2. Pledges: what do they mean? generally a gift without
      3. Ownership model: co-ownership is generally viewed as a bad thing
    5. JE: bought a laser cutter in Vienna some years ago - came across same sorts of issues - discussion is mostly between small number of people, not clear what the opinion of the remainder is - also hasn't seen any clear proposal as yet, often discussion is diverted into details rather than producing a clear overall proposal - e.g. should be written down somewhere if we decide we won't rely on external finance

Actions: -define purchasing proposal

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