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BOTLab committee meeting 28 October 2014

  1. Tidy the Space Day
  2. Organising the Bike Space
  3. does anyone know Dave pc case man
  4. Health & Safety including:
    1. Gangways
    2. Adequate operator area for fixed equipment and for associated onlookers
    3. Trailing extension leads near static power tools e.g the lathe & bandsaw
    4. Lack of fire extinguishers. We use flammable solvents near a hot extruder on the 3d printer, and are probably going to use paraffin or white spirit to clean cycle parts near the laser cutter.
  5. Network situation:
    1. Hosting provider - VPS (Barney)
    2. In-space network and server cupboard proposal (Barney and Alaric)
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