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   - Tidy the Space Day   - Tidy the Space Day
   - Organising the Bike Space   - Organising the Bike Space
-  - does anyone know Dave pc case man+  - Does anyone know Dave the PC case man
 +  - Shall we advertise on Bristol Cable? 
   - Health & Safety including:   - Health & Safety including:
     - Gangways     - Gangways
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     - Hosting provider - VPS (Barney)     - Hosting provider - VPS (Barney)
     - In-space network and server cupboard proposal (Barney and Alaric)     - In-space network and server cupboard proposal (Barney and Alaric)
 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
-Barney L, Toby S, Matt, Nigel C, Jon D, David H, John D, John W, Russell D, Mike H, Harry, David W (minute-taker)+Barney L, Toby Seely, Matt, Nigel C, Jon D, David H, John D, John W, Russell D, Mike H, Toby Scott, Ed R, David W (minute-taker)
 Apologies: Jamie Loudon, Richard Sewell, Russell  Apologies: Jamie Loudon, Richard Sewell, Russell 
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     * When: decided to be a weekend daytime rather than evening - one day should do it given that it's fairly tidy at the moment     * When: decided to be a weekend daytime rather than evening - one day should do it given that it's fairly tidy at the moment
     * What to do on the day? Make a page on the wiki for members to add     * What to do on the day? Make a page on the wiki for members to add
 +    * Pillar drills: we have 2, DH says one was donated by UWE, the other is TS' - apparently Tarim has a use for one at the Pervasive Media Studios
 +    * Noted that Richard S and Jamie L offer to remove some of the equipment
 +  * Bike space organisation:
 +    * NC originally suggested this - he observed that many hackspace members are interested in bikes, but there isn't really enough space at the moment to do work on it so 
 +    * Equipment: NC's old bike stand, a bench and a vice - existing electronic equipment should suffice?
 +    * Hand tools: we probably have quite a bit, but we may need to buy some bike-specialist tools - NC estimates £50-£100 outlay
 +    * JW concerned about use of solvents near laser cutters etc.
 +    * Members present vote to spend £50 of Hackspace funds on tools - NC to buy tools
 +  * "Dave the PC case man" query?
 +    * No-one knows! To be traced otherwise
 +  * Shall we advertise on Bristol Cable?
 +    * This is a local newspaper that's just set up - they'll be taking adverts in the next issue
 +    * Debate about whether we need new members - ~75 members for ~6months, jumped to 84 in Sept - but more members is good!
 +    * Bike space would be a good draw for people
 +    * Out of the people here, what do people think? All (13) interested in principle in advertising, but need to know how much - Matt will find out how much and let the list know
 +  * Health and safety
 +    * Extension leads behind machines - should be covered hopefully 
 +    * Fire extinguishers: regulation say you have to have to have an evacuation plan and a way of putting out a fire
 +    * JW offers to look into fire safety for us - MV will speak to building owner first
 +    * MH speaks about gangways: in factories you need to leave a 4'-ish gangway for fire or other safety, whereas in here we don't normally - he is happy to make some recommendations to be reviewed at a future meeting
 +    * Discussion about how to ensure gangways are available - might 
 +    * Need a first aid kit in both rooms, and a system for replenishing it - RD offers to acquire another first aid kit and replenish the existing one
 +    * Need a printed set of instructions to describe to the emergency services where we are!
 +  * Network/hosting provider:
 +    * BL has arranged for a free VPS from Mythic Beasts
 +    * DW will arrange to pay XtreamLab for a year from now - in the meantime BL will continue migrating our site to Mythic Beasts
 +  * Internal networking:
 +    * BL proposes having an always-on server in the space in a segregated box - partly so it doesn't get turned off all the time!
 +    * Also for e.g. the switch, so we could run network points around the room...
 +    * JD offers a wall-mount rack - will bring it down on Thursday and/or send measurements/photo
 +    * BL has also been thinking about having our own internet connection like a domestic ADSL - probably needs building manager's permission => MV to ask how he feels
 +  * AOB
 +    * Christmas Party: noted that a flagon of mead is already on the go! Post space-tidying meeting. Therefore, let's say Thursady 18 December. MV will publicise.
 +    * Sockets on the wall in G10: all in favour in principle, cost £345.60 for the last batch of sockets - MV suggests also asking for a 25A breaker somewhere, but JW suggests it will be machine-dependent. Discussion about whether we need to do this now - conclusion that we won't do this now.
 +    * Space organisation:
 +      * Space immediately on the right after coming into the room will be turned into metalworking/bike space
 +      * Storage tower to move to the right of the sink?
 +      * Machining area towards the far end of the room - wood lathe, bandsaw, grinder etc - facing out into the room with a half-height screen in front of them
 +      * Replace one of the wooden benches with a Dyson bench
 +      * Lasercutter extraction: Nic is working on this but is on holiday at the moment - all the parts are here, but no need for a working party as yet. Lasercutter staying where it is
 +      * Good to put up shelves everywhere we can!
 +      * Projector screen - in front of some of the shelves
 +      * How to organise doing this? Email list, another meeting, wiki page? Probably start on the tidy-the-space day and see how far we go...
 +    * Buying tools... DH proposes and will look into it
 +    * TScott offers to upgrade the Hackspace PC to Ubuntu
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