BOTLab C.I.C. Directors' Meeting 14 Sep 2020

  • Update on progress from BOTLab C.I.C.
  • Expected timeline
  • Access before space ready for use
  • Walls - pulling down and putting up
  • Electrics
  • Fire regulations/possibility of hot work
  • Other building/facilities discussion
  • Contract/letter of intent/paperwork
  • Next steps

BOTLab C.I.C. Directors: Nick G (minutes), Felix H, Matt G, Alex R
Meridian Handpan Ltd: Duncan Arnot

Update on progress from BOTLab C.I.C.

We have had the all clear from our members via an official vote at a general meeting and can now officially move on with the process.
The directors have appointed MG as move coordinator.

Expected timeline

DA will have keys at the beginning of October.
The time-limiting factor for Bristol Hackspace moving in would be the completion of the mezzanine, probably 5-6 weeks after DA gets keys.

Access before space ready for use

Bristol Hackspace can have access to the space before the contractors have finished, however. DA recommends this might allow improved access for construction of partition walls.
Access will be available to front door for fitting of access control and ramp from beginning of October.
When DA has keys, BOTLab C.I.C. can access the space to finalise plans for walls, door access, sockets, lighting etc.

Walls - pulling down and putting up

New partition walls (part of mezzanine work) will be steel stud.
DA will confirm the possibility of removing the existing partition wall in “main room” after 15/9/20.
DA is happy for BOTLab C.I.C. to put up good quality partition walls as long as they are in keeping with the building. Fireboarded stud walls constructed to a professional standard are suitable.


Sockets need to be run from consumer unit.
Work is required to isolate Bristol Hackspace electrics from rest of building. DA needs to determine exactly how once he gets the keys.
Ideally, DA wants Bristol Hackspace to have it's own meter and pay the supplier directly.
Bristol Hackspace should have its own 100 A breaker.
3 phase comes into building at opposite end to space, probably.

Fire regulations/possibility of hotwork

Fire alarm system needs to be extended, DA to confirm in October.
Hot work OK, as long as:

  • Fire regulations survey says it is OK.
  • All hot work is carried out safely.
  • Welding carried out near shutter door and is kept well regulated.

Other building/facilities discussion

Extraction fitted to rear of building is OK to install, as long as it is done professionally and not to the detriment of the building.
Heating needs to be fitted, OK to mount to walls as long as not to detriment of building.
Emergency lighting may already be installed, building regulations survey will confirm.

Contract/letter of intent/paperwork

DA and BOTLab C.I.C. both want to sign a mutual agreement in order to provide some level of security for both sides. DA to draft by 16/9/2020.

Next steps

DA will have response from building regulations survey in 10-14 days.
BOTLab C.I.C. does not want to take on financial responsibility for the space until mezzanine partition is completed.
DA will confirm the completion date.

  • Days Road (including retaining a solicitor)
  • Champions
  • CNC router cabinet
  • Open evenings/memberships
  • FH's tattoo
  • Update newsletter
  • RC burnt his hand (not in Hackspace)
  • Bank account usage guidance
  • Membership secretary duties

Nick G (minutes), Felix H, Alex R, Matt G, Russ C

Days Road

We should not take on the space financially until it is ready to move into. We will negotiate this with DA in letter of intent discussions.
We should adjust our terms and conditions to fit Days Road on moving in.
Everything still seems very positive.


A benefit would be access to better legal knowledge.
Felix claims relevant experience and has access to free legal advice.
We feel that we are clever and sensible enough to not need one.
If DA has the contract written by a solicitor, it will probably be sensible already.
If we are worried by anything in the contract, we will revisit getting a solicitor.

Consultation with members:

MG to solicit meetings/emails from members in the next couple of days.
MG will then likely prepare plan for use of Days Road space for a vote at a members' meeting.


Previous plan was passed at meetings, we can just start recruiting.
Recruiting champions for individual bits of equipment rather than whole rooms seems sensible.
We confirm that rooms are normally defined by being bordered by walls.


Could be useful to speed up proposals process.
Would be contrary to current purchasing procedures.
Consumables list covers most maintenance costs anyway.
Use of budgets would reduce accountability.


We will use the move to the new space to implement champions plan.
Fixing the consumables list and proposals process will support champions.
Champions will be required to report to the directors regularly.
We require a social media champion too.
We will draft an agreement for all champions to sign.

CNC router cabinet

NM has asked AR what BOTLab C.I.C. intends to do with the CNC router cabinet when we leave BV Studios.
We intend to leave it behind. AR to respond to NM.

Open evenings/memberships

MG will respond to backlog of membership enquiries. We will not offer the opportunity to join now, but will contact them again in the future when we are ready to take on new members.
Directors may allow one-off special permission for individual new members to join if they are already familiar with the space.
FH will change sign up form to reflect.

FH's tattoo

FH has an octopus tattoo.
FH has always wanted a tattoo, and he likes ocotopodes.

Update newsletter

We need to include the terms and conditions update wording.
We should include mild encouragement to increase membership contributions in line with the increase of recommended monthly contribution. We should provide a date for members to do this by.
We should provide an update on move progress and solicit responses to MG's member consultation.
MG to draft.

RC burnt his hand (not in Hackspace)

RC was having a barbeque on his camping stove.
He flipped a burger, which landed on his hand.
He put the pan down in a hurry to go and run his hand under a cold tap.
The pan flipped and landed on his hand.
RC wishes to make it clear that this did not occurs on Hackspace land.

Bank account usage guidance

All directors are happy with drafted document.
All directors are to ensure that they all have access to all BOTLab C.I.C. bank accounts.
We issue a reminder to ourselves that these guidelines are the only safeguard on the new bank account.
These guidelines will be included in a general director guidance document as part of a future documentation project.

Membership secretary duties

There is very little pressure on membership secretary duties at the moment.
MG will be responding to contact form membership enquiries.
NG will complete any outstanding membership administration.
RC and MG will respond to non-membership enquiries.

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