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BOTLab Directors' meeting 21 Aug 2020

Date/time and location: 2 pm, 21 Aug 2020 held remotely (Zoom call)

  • Incident review
  • Proposals review
  • Complaints review
  • Ongoing projects
  • Next members' meeting
  • AOB


Terminating lapsed memberships

NG has prepared a list of members with lapsed memberships. The vote will be whether to terminate these memberships on the grounds that they are not meeting the requirements of BOTLab C.I.C. membership, i.e. paying for membership monthly.

NG - Lessons learned from this (only two short ones, but super important).

Incident review

Complaints review

Ongoing projects

Next members' meeting

To be AGM. Items to be discussed:

  • Directors' report
  • 2018-2019 accounts
  • FH's changes to terms and conditions
  • NG's changes to funds
  • NG's changes to purchase proposals
  • “Secret”, really important item
  • Director election
  • Any others?


RC - Suggestion - Amend the membership rules at next AGM to make member termination straight forward for clear breach of terms, ie not paying subs, without the need for a special directors meeting.

NG - Warning about lost membership income. Nothing to add from what we've already discussed informally, just want to get it in the minutes for future reference.

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