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 ===== Agenda ===== ===== Agenda =====
   * Terminating lapsed memberships   * Terminating lapsed memberships
   * Incident review   * Incident review
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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
 +Nick G (minutes), Matt G, Felix H, Russ C
-Apologies+===== Topics discussed ===== 
 +==== Terminating lapsed memberships ==== 
 +NG checked for membership payments for all 245 members during July 2020, found payments from 168. Contacted the remaining 76: 
 +  * 1 email bounced and no other contact details provided - included in the vote to terminate membership 
 +  * 4 responded explaining that they intended to cancel their memberships and have been removed from membership list 
 +  * 12 responded and indicated that they wanted to remain members, 10 have set up new standing orders, willing to give the 2 that haven't the benefit of the doubt 
 +  * 59 have not responded (details made available to directors on membership database) - included in the vote to terminate membership
 +Vote: Terminate memberships of the 60 people detailed above for not meeting requirements of membership of BOTLab C.I.C., namely, not paying regular membership contributions - unanimous agrement
-===== Topics discussed ===== +NG - Lessons learned from this (only two short ones, but super important).  
-=== Terminating lapsed memberships === +  * Membership secretary must be active - when a members cancels, remove them from membership list, at least two were not removed until I ran a purge. To support, I will take on processing cancelled memberships, however I am reluctant to take on a greater membership admin role. 
-NG has prepared a list of members with lapsed memberships. The vote will be whether to terminate these memberships on the grounds that they are not meeting the requirements of BOTLab C.I.C. membershipi.e. paying for membership monthly.+  * Everyone with access to the membership list needs to be careful who they add - person who claimed that they decided not to join was on the list. 
 +Membership secretary roles discussed. 
 +==== Incident review ==== 
 +No new incidents to discuss. 
 +==== Complaints review ==== 
 +NG received informal complaint about sign up process - delay for key cardsunnecessary steps in sign up process, would prefer repeating card payment.
-NG - Lessons learned from this (only two short ones, but super important).+We will consider Direct Debit or repeating card payments after we are settled in new premises if this happens. Benefits/anti-benefits discussed.
-=== Incident review === 
 +==== Ongoing projects ====
 +Card access system - stalled due to IT issues.
-=== Complaints review ===+Metal lathe - progress made recently, induction process started, tool lost being written up for a proposal, DRO requires a manual.
-=== Ongoing projects ===+==== Next members' meeting ==== 
 +To be AGM. Already discussed and agenda has gone out.
-=== Next members' meeting === +==== AOB ==== 
-To be AGM as agreed. Agenda should already be published.+MG - Risk assessments: old risk assessments no longer suitable, need to prepare new risk assessments, probably 90% documenting current measures, MG preparing general risk assessment, need some risk assessments for each bit of kit, these should be available on or near each tool, MG to prepare template for members to help complete these, agreed risk matrix to be used.
-=== AOB === +RC Amend the membership rules at next AGM to make member termination straight forward for clear breach of terms, ie not paying subs, without the need for a special directors meeting. NG likes the wy it is due to oversight and record keeping aspect of discussing at minutes. FH concerned about time delay between payment stopping and membership terminated. MG suggests not worrying about this until moved into new place.
-MG Risk assessments+
-RC Amend the membership rules at next AGM to make member termination straightforward for clear breach of termsi.e. not paying subswithout the need for a special directors meeting+FH Sign up process: Should be capturing addresses at sign upwill set up on websitegather adresses of current members when they want key cards for new place if that happens.
-NG  - Warning about lost membership income. Nothing to add from what we've already discussed informally, just want to get it in the minutes for future reference.+NG  - Laser invoices: Agreed can be sent once wording of email confirmed by directors.
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