28th July 2020 at the Hackspace

These notes were taken during the first meeting between the directors and Duncan, and the situation developed between this meeting and the directors presenting their proposal to the members. The information here does not accurately reflect the entirety of our communcations with Duncan.

BOTLab C.I.C. Directors: Nick G (minutes), Russ C, Felix H

Duncan Arnot

Apologies: Matt G

Pre meeting main questions:

  • Access - discussed
  • Partitioning space - will be in place straight away
  • Affordability - have figures
  • Metal working - discussed
  • Welding - see restrictions, would need to be well controlled

Option 1 Main warehouse with roller doors, 3 phase, separate utilities - own bill, 3500 sqft £2625 pcm, £9 psqftpa
Option 2 Private entrance, own toilets, separate room (clean space), fire escape, barred windows, ~100A supply, 3 phase possible, utilities billed by DA, 1215 sqft, £1100 pcm, £11 psqftpa
Option 3 Option 2 + bit of warehouse with roller door, 1215+~540 sqft, ~£1600 pcm, ~£10 psqftpa
MOST LIKELY Option 3a Option 3 but with less space, 1215+~270 sqft, ~£1300 pcm, ~£10 psqftpa
Office space (clean) available upstairs

Parking - spaces in front of shutter doors (only with options 1 & 3), on road parking (limited)
Extraction installation possible, especially to rear, DA open to requests
Security - only locked doors, alarm system likely not working, DA will be installing more security to his side, possibly including RFID lock
DA take possession mid-late September, getting works completed straight away (probably)
Hackspace sign on exterior wall possible
Exterior bike racks possible
Fire alarms - DA to investigate
Possible has broadband, DA happy for us to get cable internet, DA open to sharing building-wide internet
Step-free access - needs work, to be investigated, may be shared cost
No kitchenette in options, small space opposite toilets
Probably no water supply to back, probably comes in near toilets
Sockets - likely slim to none, but can be installed, our insurance and DA require installation by certified person
Walls and painting etc - DA unsure of current state, paint job needs to be returned in same or better condition
Roof is sound
Wicket door in roller door possible - to discuss with DA if required

Building owned by DA's company, leasehold owned by BCC
Lease - probably 5 years repair & return
DA on site/available almost 7 days a week
FH explained membership/Directors decision making process
DA would need to see our insurance policy to make sure everything necessary is covered
NG mentioned membership size and potential to increase, DA suggests expansion possible upstairs or into warehouse if we need space, DA happy with size of membership, members need to be considerate of neighbours esp. parking
Business rates - would fit in with small business rate relief
DA can offer offices upstairs to members on separate lease

Access control fine as long as no damage to building, exterior door can have access control, would need to manage key cards for upstairs tenants
Metalwork fine - kiln and noise from DA already
Restrictions on type of work (liability) - flames and compressed gas need to be controlled; no sleeping on site
Mentioned our terms and conditions and how can be changed, in line with DA's wishes
Open evenings - fine

DA to investigate some things, check numbers, will get back to us, then formalise potential agreement that can be presented to membership, DA will invite us to a walk through if possible

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