BOTLab Directors' meeting 09 Oct 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, 09 Oct 2019 at an Undisclosed Location

  • Incident review
  • Proposals review
  • Complaints review
  • Ongoing projects
  • Website
  • Online learning
  • Security
  • Next members' meeting
  • AOB

Felix H, Nick G, Russ C

Apologies: Matt G, Ryan H

Incident review

Members without key unable to lock up
RH: Members seem to not either check before they leave, if anyone else is in the space and just walk out, or some who do check don't ask if the remaining individuals have a key and neccesary means to lock up the rooms and make the space secure. The Windows have also been left open during the night. I would suggest New Large signage and a simple lock up guide to help remind members to check who's around before they leave and simple steps to again help members inform no key holders that they will be required to leave as they have no means to lock up.
RH agreed to prepare signage at last Directors' meeting.

Unauthorised Youths Entering Space and trying to remove property
RH: We have had incidents of the main room being left open/unlocked while others are in the workshop. We have also had the incident where the glass door was left open and some opportunist attempted to remove property from the Space. Luckily members were there to calm things down, but as the youths grabbed tools to threaten with, we need a solid plan in action now, to ensure the security of the room and equipment and more importantly the safety of our members. - With this in mind I propose we immediately fit an auto close mechanism to the door to shut it unless propped open for a particular task. We should also pair this with an auto locking catch which should render opportunist attempts to access the rooms from outside more difficult and still allow easy access from authorised members who knock on the door. The auto locking catch does not require a key - in fact make sure it doesn't have one - we don't need more keys! - I would like the directors to vote on this immediately please! FH: No further discussion/action needed as far as policies. All agreed.
FH: We have an auto close mechanism, it just latches open.
NG: Agreed, no further discussion required.
NG: We can't install auto locking catch.
FH: Correct, been discussed many times. All agreed.

Proposals review

No new proposals to discuss.

Complaints review

Updates on ongoing formal complaints.

No updates.

Ongoing projects

Card access
RH: What is the Current State of the Card Access Project? Last Directors meeting we were informed that we would have a working prototype within 3 weeks - This did not happen!

  • What Stage are we actually at?
  • Realistically How long until we get a prototype?
  • Do we need someone else to help out to keep this project moving - we appear to currently be bottle-necked!

RC: Progress is being made.
RC: Soon.
FH offers assistance.

Website / Wiki

RH: Have added, Next Meeting and Previous Meeting Links on Wiki Homepage to make it easier for members to see what is going on - Hopefully this will encourage members to take part by adding items to the agenda(s) as it is easier to find now?!??

Online learning

RH: The main magazine I thought would benefit us is called “Hackspace” - I have actually found out that you can get all back copies and the current issue FREE from their website: Hackspace Magazine


RH: See above “Unauthorised Youths Entering Space and trying to remove property” In the Incidents Section. This may also again be a good argument for the fitting of CCTV! - If the situation did get out of hand then the CCTV footage wold have been very useful to the Police for identification, sequence of events etc.n - I suggest that the idea of CCTV is discussed once again! - Last time we decided to monitor activities/incidents - well this was potentially a huge one as soon as the youths started to brandish weapons/tools
NG: Still wait and see as that incident was a one-off.
FH: External CCTV would have covered it anyway.
No further action required - all agreed.

Next members' meeting

Clarify difference between members' meetings and Directors' meetings.



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