BOTLab Directors' meeting 14 Aug 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, 14 Aug 2019 at an Undisclosed Location

  • Incident review
  • Proposals review
  • Complaints review
  • Reports on ongoing projects
  • Directors' roles
  • Champions
  • Marketing
  • Website updates
  • Chasing up memberships
  • Key and card access
  • Online learning tools and magazine subscriptions
  • Security
  • Next members' meeting
  • AOB

Nick G (minutes), Ryan H, Felix H, Russ C

Apologies: Matt G

Incident review

RC: Noticed months ago that nobody was using extractor.
FH: Culprit was using most dust control measures.
NG: Cleanup was insufficient.
FH: Have spoken to culprit.
All agree no further action required.

RH: Dust extractor not working.
RC: Requires further investigation. Will try to do tonight.
FH: Should move extractor over near bandsaw and belt sander. To action if extractor fixed.

Member without key unable to lock up
NG: According to our guides, it is the responsibility of the member without a key to ensure this doesn't happen. What should we do to about this?
RH: Improve signage. RH to action.
FH: Put a notice on our key signup page to inform new members how to access Hackspace. FH to action.
RH: Communal emergency key and way to return?
NG: Feel it would be abused.
RH: Let's stick to signage.
All agree.
RC: Regular reminders on Google Group of Hackspace rules. NG to investigate how this could be done.

Members leaving projects out/storing large items without seeking permission from Google Group first.
NG: What should we do?
RH: We are being too strict. Can't preempt some situations.
NG: Some premeditated acts have happened.
FH: Note on Google Group at time of leaving item out should be sufficient.
NG: We require a change in our terms and conditions. NG to redraft relevant paragraph.

Breakers keep tripping in G10
RH: Reported by Joe Dusta. Overloading sockets with extension leads.
FH: Specifically using multiple high draw devices at same time (laser, bandsaw, dust extraction).
RH: JD suggested signage. RH to action.
RC: Socket next to metal lathe may be on other ring. To investigate later. What about getting another ring installed?
NG: Would have to go through Robert. RC to action.

Proposals review

None to discuss.

Complaints review

Updates on ongoing formal complaints.
RH: Need to reply to complaint about missing property. RC to finish.

Reports on ongoing projects

NG: Should we even discuss this sort of thing at Directors' meetings?
RC: Only infrastucture.

NG suggests adding as a regular item to members' meetings.
All agreed.

Card access
FH: Software good to go. RC and I working on board.
RC: Have layout issue.
RC: Board sent off before middle of next week. Prototype in two-three weeks.

Directors' roles

NG to relinquish membership secretary role, will require other Director(s) to take on associated tasks.
FH and RH to take on. NG to ensure RH and FH fully briefed.

RH would like to highlight that the “Roles” page on the wiki comes up in google search and is out of date - needs to change. FH to delete.


NG: Nobody has put their names forward for any of the champion roles proposed at AGM. Should we put a proper appeal out on Google Group/Mailchimp/at members' meeting?
RC: Make wiki page first. FH to action.
RH: Advertising campaign required. NG to draft. Need to improve wiki and make email addresses. FH to action when necessary.
NG: What roles should we advertise for?
RH: Inductors and maintainers for wood lathe.
NG: Inductors for 3D printer and bandsaw.
FH: Maintainers for laser cutter.
NG: Can we recruit a membership team with view-only access to the bank account who can process new members without being Directors?
FH: Don't need to.
All agreed. NG: Can we recruit a team to reply to the contact form messages with stock responses?
FH: Wholeheartedly agrees.
RH: Happy to reply to all of them at the moment.
RC: Don't see the need.
FH: Covered by FAQ. NG to set up a Google Doc.
RC: Set up stock answers.
RH: Keep on Google Drive ready to send out emails. Website needs updating. RH to draft. FH to action.
RH: Need someone in charge of rubbish and someone in charge of donated hackables.


RC: Still maintaining Facebook.
RH: What activities are on it? Where are the photos?
RC: Been slow to upload.

RH: Suggests Sandwich style board for placing by glass door on Open night to direct visitors but also advertise the space to foot traffic.
All agree. RH to investigate.

RH: Suggests utilising our Youtube channel and record a video tour of the space, to show what we have to offer (would reduce physical tours required) RC: Could show what we are.
RH: That would be separate video. Would like video for each tool. Project specific uploads to advertise.
RC: Will assist making videos.
All agree. RH to action. MG backup as he's not here to defend himself. In fact, MG now backup for every action.

NG: Do we want leaflets?
FH: Why?
NG: BV Open Studios
RC: Small print run only.
All agree.
NG to investigate, RH to draft.

Website Updates

RH: suggest some necessary updates to the Website such as a FAQ section. Agreed above.

RH: suggests section of donated hackables - What do we want and not want - this could also be signage in the space and sandwich board.
NG: on wiki?
RH: on wiki website, everywhere.
FH: could link to wiki from website.
All agreed. FH to action.

Chasing up memberships

NG: Contacted 25 members. 5 cancelled memberships formally. 2 have set up standing orders. 1 more has agreed to set up standing order but not done so yet. What to do with remaining 17?
RH: Terminate.
FH: Send follow up email.
All agreed.
NG to action.

Key and Card Access

RH: would like a solid plan on what we are going to do about BV studio card and Key request and to be agreed by all Directors - The current system is failing!
NG: Which bit of the system is failing?
RH: Robert is not doing his job.
FH: We don't have power to take Robert out of procedure entirely. Been trying to see Robert in person, been unable.
RC: May be worth going to see Matt at other end of building as he has closer rapport with Robert, get his input.
FH: We need to get face-to-face with Robert, send email to organise. FH to action.
RH: Physical note at same time.
All agreed.

Online learning tools and Magazine subscriptions

RH: would like to run the ideas of subscription based learning options for members to access such as Lynda, Udemy, Skillshare, Masterclass etc or magazine such as “Hackspace”.
RC, FH & NG support “Hackspace” subscription.
NG: Would require purchase proposal.
FH: If subscription sites have membership option for groups, sounds good.
RC: Sounds good.
NG: Again, needs purchase proposal.
FH: Macro card.
NG: Proposal required.


NG: Several thefts have occurred and unauthorised access has been noticed. We need to discuss access through glass door.
RH: Only opened on open nights.
FH: Changing lock has to go through Robert. How about a bike chain?
RH & NG: Good interim measure while waiting for Robert.
All agreed. NG to action.

NG: installing CCTV.
FH: Against, setup of controlled access, register with data collector licence, cost.
RH: For it.
RC: For it.
NG: Short term against, see if things improved. Long term all for it if no improvement?
All agreed - wait to see what happens with other measures first, bring up for discussion at members meeting.

NG: Can we add an ID station to card access system? Flashes up smiley face if card belongs to active member solution to challenging non-members.
FH: Possible. Would require all members to have own card.
RH: Can we set up own cards?
FH: Yes.
RH: Get own Hackspace card, separate to BV Studios card.
FH: Would require associated rule/policy.
All agreed. NG to lead project with support from FH and MG when card access set up.

Next members' meeting

NG: suggests this as permanent agenda item at Directors' meetings.
All agreed.

NG: Should we run meetings that do not need to be general meetings as members' forums where we do not require a quorum but do not vote on resolutions?
FH: How many general meetings required each year?
NG: At least one.
FH: What is point without voting?
NG: Feedback from Directors meeting.
RC & FH: Detracts from general meetings.
RH: Not a good idea because of this.
NG: Would allow us to hold meetings without quorum if no votes required.
FH: Could be either way. Take it to membership solicit opinions.
Insufficient support, no actions.

RC: Need effort to get more members at current general meetings. Repeat notices.
RH: Notices need to be more engaging.
NG: No longer happy to issue notices if this amount of work required. Others must take responsibility.
FH: All to work as group to do it.
All agreed.

Next meeting:

  • Champions
  • CCTV
  • Induction days

Signage for G10

RH has suggestions for improved signage in G10 (Clean Up, Put Tools Back, Report breakages, consumables, Big project info, don't overload electronics.
Equipment should be signed with Inductors and maintenance individuals names and contacts for both. (induction page link )
Already covered. RH to action.

Induction Days

RH has a suggestion to create induction day/evening where Inductors run a set number of drop in sessions on one day per month. This would reduce stress on Inductors time and reduce the hassle of members who “arrange” their won induction date time and expect someone to be there. - If agreed, this would listed on both website and Wiki as well as signs in the space (I.e first Thursday Evening on each month)
NG: Have proposed in past, everybody supportive. Needs volunteer to organise.
RH to talk to inductors and pick date.


Nottinghack (also Oxford and London Hackspaces)
What lessons can we learn? Do we need to be prepared for similar problems?
Adjourned to later date. NG to propose dates.

Scrapstore membership changes
Do we need to act on this? ie when is our membership renewal?
NG to action.

EMF camp RC: Bristol Hackspace contingent - make official.
All agree. RC to present to members meeting.
RC: mini get togethers - would we host one?
All agree.
NG: Check guests and members guide before organsing. RC to action.

Hackspace BBQ RC: Should we organise one?
All agree.
RC to organise with FH to assist.

Watershed automation project
NG to forward to Google Group.

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