BOTLab Committee meeting 12 Jun 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, 12 Jun 2019 at an Undisclosed Location

  • Incident review
  • Proposals review
  • Complaints review
  • Chasing up “irregular” members
  • Proposals process loose ends
  • Children in the Hackspace policy
  • AOB

Nick G, Matt G, Felix H, Russ C

Apologies: Ryan H

Incident review

We need more plasters.

Proposals review

Dupont connectors

Passed - awaiting purchase.

Tormek grinder

Still needs one more Director and three members. Declare dead and archive.

Soldering irons

RC needs to order.

Hoverboard battery

RC needs to order.

Complaints review

MG complains about his cough. attempts to share it with RC. FH states opposition to sharing of coughs.

Chasing up "irregular" members

NG: We have a tiny minority of members who do not pay memberships monthly. A couple have sensible arrangements, however I think we need to approach some of them to formalise their memberships. We also need to discuss actions to take, if any, if they do not start standing orders.
MG: Based on new terms and conditions.
Unanimous agreement
NG: Will send mass email.

Proposals process loose ends


  • Is there a time limit on proposals validity? For garnering support and for implementation?
  • Should it be a percentage of the Hackspace membership rather than an absolute number to reflect the interests of a growing membership?

Unanimous not to change supporters.

FH: 2 months time limit so all can be chased up at members meeting. NG & RC agree.
MG: How about a set amount of time after last activity on Google Group?
NG: Who would monitor?
MG: How about just reviewing each one at members meeting?
NG: Want to avoid voting proposals down.
MG: How about 2 months unless ongoing activity? FH, NG & RC agree.
To be presented at members' meeting.

Children in the Hackspace policy

NG: We forgot to present removing this and sticking the relevant information in the Health and Safety Policy at the last members' meeting, I think we should make sure it's in the next one.
Unanimous agreement.


FH: Newly donated PCB CNC is working but needs work to improve capability. Work can be non-destructive and straight-forward.
RC: Should decide what to do and act. Do not allow both CNCs to sit around.
MG: We have a functioning machine, so we can keep one functioning while working on the other.
FH: Would like to repurpose components from other CNC mill.
NG: Want to avoid unfinished projects.
FH: Will advertise progress on Google Group.
Director interference unnecessary.

NG: Avoiding unfinished projects.
RC: Should encourage champions to present ongoing work.
NG: Like RH with CNC mill.
FH: Thanks to RH.
MG: We should use his work as example and encourage others to emulate.

NG: Equipment shelves - sorting, moving stuff from Biohack. What do we do?
RC: Stuff there that doesn't belong. Maybe eBay?
NG: Do we advertise a day/time to clear?
RC: To be done with my G10 cleanup.

FH: G11 rearrange?
MG: Should be done in autumn. Increase members storage. Hackables in G10 to be moved into G11. Equipment can be condensed. Bench next to project boxes shortened, sofas moved to corner below H&S, electronics bench moved to 3D printer bench, 3D printers and equipment moved over to area where sofas and electronics benches are, 2/3 of sofa area to become members storage.
NG: Should be proposed in September members' meeting.

FH: Still trying to contact Robert face-to-face.

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