BOTLab Committee meeting 10 Apr 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, 10 Apr 2019 at an Undisclosed Location

  • Incident review
  • Proposals review
  • Complaints review
  • Directors' roles and responsibilities
  • Annual discussion of signup process
  • Decreasing membership
  • Website/wiki/forum
  • Emails
  • Induction policy
  • BV open studios
  • AOB

NG (minutes), MG, FH, RH, RC

Apologies: None

Incident review

Communicating new rules to ensure members stick to them, should have done now, can now enforce, initially informally
Ensure use of space is fair, especially storage, start with informal chats

RH: Found blank ammunition sitting on table in G11. RM had found it over weekend. RH has confiscated and will dispose of safely. Should not have been brought into Hackspace as no permission (contravenes law). RH has drafted message for Google Group. Directors to review and post on Google Group.

Use of bandsaw by non-member who then proceeded to use NM's tools, to contact members responsible for guest and provide informal warning.

Proposals review

Tool sharpening stuff - RH moved support from member to committee, needs a bump on the Google Group.

Complaints review

No new ones.

Directors' roles and responsibilities

NG: happy to stay as treasurer
NG: want to pass on membership secretary
MG: want to pass on card requests
FH: happy to take on some of it - initially just card requests
RH: interested in marketing/social media how to work with RC?
RC: only really doing weekly posts on Facebook
RH: happy to share my designs for branding
RC: meetups? MG & NG: don't want new services added to current complement
FH: also interested in organising events

Annual discussion of signup process

MG: described signup process, new database and new forum

Decreasing membership

NG: noticed a trend of more people cancelling memberships
MG: maybe due to changes in physical hackspace or culture/nature of BOTLab - not so much causing people to leave, but maybe encouraging
FH: enough of a trend to worry about?
RC: keep an eye on it
RH: get feedback from membership about thoughts
NG: investigate with TS
RC: we have reached physical capacity
RC: theme evenings to increase engagement - delegated to RH and RC as per roles above


discussion of current website/wiki hosting
Explanation of fate of other server

MG: negotiating for Arthur's domain name in order to implement Kaspar's forum and replace all services - all agree
FH: should move wiki to new forum as it is currently OKish - all agree
FH: in meantime, should prune website to make it look less abandoned - all agree
RH: cleanup contact form as a priority - all agree
Discussion on format of wiki - actual wiki or static with nominated administrators - don't need to decide yet

Emails isn't main inbox
Forwarding - NG to prune list of non-members
When new server set up move email hosting over and set it all up properly

Induction policy & children policy

Children policy

present vote to abolish children in the next members meeting and place vital info in H&S policy - all agree

Induction policy

NG: want to have a policy to formalise status quo
MG: don't need much info at policy level, can all go in H&S policy
NG: there was an induction guide which was edited down, should we reinstate?
MG and NG exchanged incredibly mature and sensible gestures.
4 votes yes for reinstating induction guide
FH: children stuff can go in H&S policy too.

Other document changes

FH: Changes from AGM? NG: Safe working guide require small changes, one change to fair use, guests and children one change, s s and s, bv studios one change - all Directors to help with drafts

BV Open Day

For instance:

  • Organised sweepup + wipe down of benches on Thurs eve.
  • Budget for the day
  • Refreshments?
  • Barrier/indicator for Nic's half of G10
  • Fliers or similar?

Not enough time to do much, will encourage engagement over next couple of days. Will buy a chain though.


FH: privacy policy for public facing bits of web presence required FH to draft will present on Google Group for feedback and transparency before implementing.

MG: found a large cinammon bun in selco car park and ate it, he is convinced it wasn't just flavourful canine excrement.

NG: CIC change all official. Wooh! Will make changes to wiki and documents.

RC: have made regular open evening an event on facebook

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