BOTLab Committee meeting 12 Dec 2018

Date/time and location: 7pm, 12 Dec 2018 at an Undisclosed Location

  • Incident review
  • Proposal review
  • Membership agreement/code of conduct
  • Laser billing
  • Lathe & CNC mill update
  • G10 Rearrange feedback
  • Chemical cupboard review (contents)
  • 2017-2018 Accounts preview
  • Changing day for committee meetings
  • AOB


Apologies: None!

Incident review

None reported.


NG: Replacement for Reprap
Committee sanity check: Passed unanimously. On to members meeting.

Membership agreement/code of conduct

  • NG has passed on to rest of committee. MG has made major changes to structure.
  • IAS, RC and TS have had opportunity to make changes.
  • MG wants to make more changes in time for AGM.
  • Open to committee editing until we give notice for AGM.

Laser billing update

  • IAS: ~£1,000 paid so far. Some members paying by installment. NG has kept a record of payments. IAS to use this data to prepare new invoices. New invoices to be sent out before Christmas.
  • NG: Can we set terms for payment? Time limit?
  • IAS: 30 days from invoice date.

Lathe & CNC mill update

  • RC: Lathe now in G10. Some issues from suppliers. Still outstanding a 4 jaw chuck, suppliers have taken tailstock away for repair. Lathe needs moving.
  • Jonny T, RC and MG have discussed CNC mill and made a list of work required. JT has bought new components. Need to physically separate mains power and water. Need to organise a date to do the work, waiting for JT to suggest a date when he can lead.

G10 Rearrange feedback

  • MG: Lots of member engagement. Bigger task than G11. Have freed up a lot of space and got rid of lots of junk. Not complete yet. Workbench still being completed by Toby Scott. Still need to call another works day/weekend to finish it off, especially aiding Toby Scott.
  • MG to pick date and TS will send out Mailchimp mailshot.
  • NG requests receipts to repay expenses.
  • Committee gives thanks to MG and all members involved.

Chemical cupboard review

  • RC: Found expired eyewash in it.
  • MG: Discovered a bottle knocked over on middle shelf and unknown substance spilt over lots of contents.
  • Committee to action at end of meeting.

2017-2018 Accounts preview


  • Membership income: £16,278.28
  • Laser cutter income: £1,021.10
  • Other income (skillshares, sale of Hardinge): £745.03
  • Total: £18,044.41


  • Studio contributions: £50
  • Equipment and supplies: £6,867.79 (£6,010.82 counted as assets)
  • Membership subscriptions: £35
  • Rent: £6,391
  • Electricity: £2,588.97
  • Miscellaneous expenses (server hosting, bank account charges, Companies House fees, accountants fees, insurance): £1,617.50
  • Total: £17,550.26

NG: Need to complete asset register, then will send to accountants. Ready for AGM in March (hopefully).

Changing day for committee meetings

  • From Tuesdays to Wednesdays.
  • Unanimous support.


  • MG, RC, NG & Felix H have been discussing and working on setting up RFID card access to all induction-requiring equipment. Have been working on prototype using off-the-shelf parts. Seems to be promising so far. Also want to suggest to Nic M that the system is set up on his machines to prevent unauthorised use.
  • IAS: Can it cover billing too?
  • MG: Yes.
  • NG: Setting up Direct Debit for XtreamLab hosting, yes/no?
  • Unanimous yes.
  • NG to action.
  • NG: Progress on new server?
  • TS: No progress, shut it down?
  • MG: Shut it down, allow time to backup work on it.
  • Unanimous agreement.
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