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   * Proposal review   * Proposal review
   * Website + infrastructure update.    * Website + infrastructure update. 
 +  * AGM & Accounts
   * Lathe update   * Lathe update
   * PayPal update   * PayPal update
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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
 +Toby S (minutes), Arthur A, Ian AS, Nick G, Russ C
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 **Incidents** **Incidents**
 +NM cut himself, revealed the kit needed updating. RC is replenishing the kits from Screwfix this week.
 **Proposals** **Proposals**
 +FliR has been purchased by Russ C. 
 +Project boxes purchaed.
 +TS Bytemark server is now being paid for @ £14.40 /per month
 +Running Symbiosis (Debian Jessie based OS) with apache email etc ready loaded.
 +RC contact Nottingham Hackspace about the Nottinghack v1 system being added
 +**AGM and accounts to Companies House**
 +NG is ready to send to the accountant. Suggest AGM date is 13th March, subject to accounts being ready.
 +At least one Committee post is going to be vacated, with TS standing down for re-election.
 +IAS to list on eBay.
 +**Labelling Hackspace items**
 +Red Metallised Polyester 4 line labels from Express labels TS to action buying 100
 +No response from DW, so we will remove existing PayPal from the bank account and set up a new account using another email so we can use eBay more easily
 +**Nic's project**
 +Apparently somebody knocked a piece of work off of Nic's bench and put it back in place without apology.
 +Disappointingly nobody has come forward to admit to the damage, we could look at the laser logs to find out more info about space users at the time of the incident 
 +**Gareth's Space**
 +Gareth is in significant arrears for his space and we would like to clarify if he wishes to stay and make good the outstanding amount or vacate his area.
 +IAS to contact via email and phone.
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