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   * New Henry   * New Henry
   * CookieHQ website rebuild / integration   * CookieHQ website rebuild / integration
 +  * review purchase proposals
   * AOB   * AOB
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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
-Committee:+Committee: ​Arthur A, Ian AS, Russ G, Nick G, Toby S
-Apologies: ​+Apologies: ​None
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 ===== Topics discussed ===== ===== Topics discussed =====
 **Incidents** **Incidents**
 +  None reported to list or book
 **Outstanding actions** **Outstanding actions**
 +  Encouraging sign in. New book in place, Russ has been pestering people to sign in. 
 +  John D has counted Augusts numbers. 129 member sign ins & 25 visitor, likely a large underestimate.
 +  Arthur A has an RFID solution he wants to implement. TS make it go bing or give badges for usage.
 +  IAS Useful to count for future funding applications.
 +**Website upgrade**
 +  CookiesHQ have had a conversation with Athur A about building a Ruby on Rails integrated platform
 +  covering website, wiki, membership, payment processing. ​
 +  An offer of an internship for a HS member to develop the site & then maintain it.
 +  They would offer a non-commercial rate, but it would be possible to stage deveopment.
 +  Likey total cost would be in the low thousands.
 +  AA Ongoing costs would be minimal, hosting a VPS, stripe payment integration would be per transaction.
 +  TS Other hackspaces have websites, check them and see if we can use their code.
 +  AA create list of requirements to decide priorities.
 +**Block SEO spam**
 +  Website captcha not working, reason unknown.
 +**Can we stop hackspace e-mails going to junk folder**
 +  Nope.
 +**Cannot login to wordpress**
 +  TS Contact Tarim, he has a login.
 +**Facebook page**
 +  Needs content. RD facebook group. IAS would fragment discussions and need monitoring.
 +**Meeting with Landlord**
 +  RD to try and find
 +**Gareth'​s space**
 +    Still interested, Gareth is undecided. Many ideas for usage.
 +**Laser cutter ​ debts**
 +  AA to email for 2016 charges, approx £570.
 +**JAS laser PSU**
 +  Not yet returned, in John's box. Richard and/or Libby to return it by hand?
 +**Lending items**
 +  Yes to UV unit
 +  IAS Stock take, make list, label items, IAS has thing at KWMC uses selectamark. ​
 +  Loans on case by case basis to members list, security.
 +  Moo.com stickers, security-label.co.uk
 +  NG two volunteers (Ryan & Phil) have agreed to take on doing wood lathe inductions. Documents to be updated on the wiki.
 +  ​
 +**Purchase Proposal**
 +  Nic has updated his dust extraction proposal. Sufficient committee votes but need a couple more member signatures ​
 +  Bring to Meeting tomorrow.
 +  Belt sander - not sufficient member support, (only 1). Archived
 +  CNC - no member interest on the proposal. Archived.
 +  ​
 **AOB** **AOB**
 +  RD - Need tidy up evening.
 +  Mouse removed. New mouse spotted.
 +  Hackspace is getting more usage so the bin is frequently emptied.
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