BOTLab Committee meeting 11 Sept 2017

Date/time and location: 7pm, 11 Sept 2017 at the Hackspace

  • Incident review
  • Outstanding items from August:
  1. Encouraging members to sign in
  2. Block SEO spam
  3. Can we stop hackspace e-mails going to junk folder?
  4. Meeting with Landlord
  5. Gareth's space
  6. Approving Arthur’s list of laser cutter users who owe money
  7. Returning the laser PSU to JAS
  • Lending items to members
  • New Henry
  • CookieHQ website rebuild / integration
  • review purchase proposals
  • AOB

Committee: Arthur A, Ian AS, Russ G, Nick G, Toby S

Apologies: None


None reported to list or book

Outstanding actions

Encouraging sign in. New book in place, Russ has been pestering people to sign in. 
John D has counted Augusts numbers. 129 member sign ins & 25 visitor, likely a large underestimate.
Arthur A has an RFID solution he wants to implement. TS make it go bing or give badges for usage.
IAS Useful to count for future funding applications.

Website upgrade

CookiesHQ have had a conversation with Athur A about building a Ruby on Rails integrated platform
covering website, wiki, membership, payment processing. 
An offer of an internship for a HS member to develop the site & then maintain it.
They would offer a non-commercial rate, but it would be possible to stage deveopment.
Likey total cost would be in the low thousands.
AA Ongoing costs would be minimal, hosting a VPS, stripe payment integration would be per transaction.
TS Other hackspaces have websites, check them and see if we can use their code.
AA create list of requirements to decide priorities.

Block SEO spam

Website captcha not working, reason unknown.

Can we stop hackspace e-mails going to junk folder


Cannot login to wordpress

TS Contact Tarim, he has a login.

Facebook page

Needs content. RD facebook group. IAS would fragment discussions and need monitoring.

Meeting with Landlord

RD to try and find

Gareth's space

  Still interested, Gareth is undecided. Many ideas for usage.

Laser cutter debts

AA to email for 2016 charges, approx £570.

JAS laser PSU

Not yet returned, in John's box. Richard and/or Libby to return it by hand?

Lending items

Yes to UV unit
IAS Stock take, make list, label items, IAS has thing at KWMC uses selectamark. 
Loans on case by case basis to members list, security. stickers,


NG two volunteers (Ryan & Phil) have agreed to take on doing wood lathe inductions. Documents to be updated on the wiki.

Purchase Proposal

Nic has updated his dust extraction proposal. Sufficient committee votes but need a couple more member signatures 
Bring to Meeting tomorrow.
Belt sander - not sufficient member support, (only 1). Archived
CNC - no member interest on the proposal. Archived.


RD - Need tidy up evening.
Mouse removed. New mouse spotted.
Hackspace is getting more usage so the bin is frequently emptied.
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