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 ===== Agenda ===== ===== Agenda =====
   * Incident review   * Incident review
-  * your thing here+  * Meet the Landlord
   * AOB   * AOB
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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
-Committee:+Committee: Toby S. (minutes) Ian A-S. Nick G. Russ C.
 Apologies:  Apologies: 
 ===== Topics discussed ===== ===== Topics discussed =====
 **Incidents** **Incidents**
 +  *None
 +**Unity Trust**
 +  *Nick has had the paperwork returned due to signature error. Ian A-S has countersigned NG to send back to the bank.
 +** RC Meet With Robert**
 +  *Robert can meet on Mondays, NG, TS, RC can make daytime meetings. 
 +  *Robert wants clarification on the following
 +  *Tenancy / License*
 +  *Large membership complicates any interactions with the other BV users
 +  *He would like us to take on all of G11, and Nic G11
 +  *Clarify which areas of the building we are allowed to access.
 +  *Network usage - discuss with Robert if greater bandwidth required
 +  *without better usage info we can't identify the source
 +  *measures have been taken to change network to avoid p2p traffic
 +  *remove hardwired network and / or get a wireless bridge for items that require cabled connection
 +  *source 240v mains powered lathe
 +  *sell Hardinge & invertor via ebay 
 +**Corporate Membership**
 +  *NG Need a sign in book for day or group members to trace liability
 +  *IAS Better trackability of member usage could enable grant applications
 +**Community Interest Company**
 +  *RC reduced liabiltiy for Directors
 **AOB** **AOB**
 +  *NC petty cash need sorting, remove key, only claimable on wed /thurs from treasurer.
 +  *RC used by some for membership & laser payments
 +  *TS make little envelopes available to identify payments NG to action
 +  *TS move sign in book to little table TS to action
 +  *Kaspar wants to discuss websites, suggest AA attends meeting to consolodate
 +  *Close Hackspace announce - unused 
 +  *Who uses activx list
 +  *need better server hosting.
 +  *need input from Arthur 
 +  *IA-S Buy new 3d printer frame based on prusa i3
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