BOTLab committee meeting 11 April 2017

Date/time and location: 7pm, 11 April 2017 at the Hackspace

  • Change over committee (see How to change over the committee)
    • Companies House
    • Bank account
    • committee@ email address
  • Email addresses for committee roles and being able to reply from those addresses
  • BV Open Studios
    • Advertising contribution - how much?
    • Spring clean of space
  • Incident reporting system/log book. Reviewing incidents as a standing agenda item for meetings.
  • AA, DW (outgoing handover), IS, NG, RC, TS (minutes)

Director Handover

  • Welcome Nick Gover and Russell Couper
  • Note of thanks to outgoing Directors David Wyatt, David Henshall and Russell Dicken
  • Registered new Directors with Compaines House & Unity Trust Bank

Roles Assigned

  • NG Treasurer
  • AA Membership
  • TS Secretary

Hackspace committee focus for the upcoming year

  • Agreed that membership engagement would be our primary goal
  • IS & RC Membership Engagement Taskforce
  • Continue with Monthly mailchimp campaign
  • Re-enforce benfits of membership eg use of space, access to discussions
  • Remove ex-members with Forum / email users and prune out of date contacts in Mailchimp
    • ACTION AA Cross-check members with BV and deactivate access cards
  • Encourage member led events and meet-ups

Committee email address

  • Current system redirects to individuals
  • No oversight about if replies are sent
  • Replies are only stored in individual Director's “Sent Items”
  • No collective history
  • External organisations will have individuals as contact points, future contact may be difficult
    • ACTION AA to contact existing email provider to enquire about a mailbox that saves emails and has shared access

New Website

  • AA: Current website is not much used except to jump to wiki
  • AA: demonstrated new website with streamlined automated membership signup system
  • Built on Drupal and hosted by Pixel at - AA self-funded
  • IS: Another channel of communication could cause confusion / fragmentation of members engagement
  • IS would want diary and photo stream on any new site
  • TS: Opinions differ about how best to receive info - can the Forum recently created by Kaspar be integrated to new site
  • RC: Receiving digest emails is useful - can that be integrated / kept
  • Retiring some old lists could encourage member movement to new space

BV Open Studios

  • Voted to increase contribution by extra £25 (total £30) in respect of size of active membership.
    • ACTION TS to initiate bank transfer
  • IS: Lights are in poor state
  • TS: Replace all tubes to create even lighting
  • RC: Some starters required
    • ACTION TS buy tubes from Screwfix
  • RC: The space is scruffy and needs a deep clean before BV Open Studios
    • ACTION RC to create event on new website to publicise


  • Member noted and rectified an over-hanging crate above soldering station
  • Indicent Log book and email address created to catch items for future discussions at meetings
    • ACTION TS contact email provider to create a redirect for to go to committee
    • ACTION TS put log book on first aid station in G11


  • Meeting with Landlord Robert after BV open weekend.
  • Discuss - Adding sockets in G10 & CNC sound booth risk assessment
  • IS also discuss door lock situation
    • ACTION IS ongoing from previous meeting
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