BOTLab committee meeting 14 June 2016

Date/time and location: 7pm, 14 June 2016 at the Hackspace

Continued from meeting on 7 June 2016:

  • Children in the Hackspace
  • Insurance
  • Hackspace funds contribution towards CNC router purchase
  • David W, David H, Russell D, Ian S.
  • Apologies from Toby S, Arthur A
  • Continuing on from last weeks discussion about children in the hackspace, see BOTLab committee meeting 7 June 2016
  • Insurance
    • Committee agreed to accept the Export and General (broker) Commercial Secure Plus (Evolution underwriting) policy.
    • Policy has been in place since 29th April 2016.
    • Committee will work with insurance assessor over the next few months to resolve any issues.
    • Cost is £1314, around £100 extra for Director's and officers indemnity.
    • Committee agreed to pay the insurance.
  • Hackspace funds
    • Committee looked at spending over last few months
    • Report that expenditure has gone up over the last few months; maintenance weekends, lathe, drill, tool cabinets, consumable list.
    • Action: DW to itemise expenditure on financial summary page
    • Other large expenses coming up: insurance (£1300), electricity bill (possibly £1000), rates (£500).
    • £500 was proposed to Nick as available for the purchase of a CNC router. Various options to increase this were discussed, eg build up over time, ask membership if they want to contribute more at members meeting.
  • Committee agreed (quorum) that Toby will buy 2 x Oil filled radiators to replace convection heaters, as per insurance requirements.
  • Policy for vulnerable adults/learning disabilities
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