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BOTLab committee meeting 12 April 2016

  • G10 rental consolidation and business rates (DW)
  • Definition of what constitutes consumables (RD)
  • Petty cash system - how should it work? (DW)
  • Consumables purchase process (DW)
  • Insurance (TS)
  • Revisit adding BOTLab directors to the bank account
  • Hackspace Database update on progress
  • Health and Safety reporting
  • Hackspace running:-
  • Monitoring usage/identifying wrongdoers/imposing penalties for non-compliance with agreed rules
  • 3 phase power/inverter proposals - more sockets
  • Lasercutter update
  • Arrangement of space:
  • Clear access ways
  • Availability of further space? Do we want to take it?
  • Availability of kiln? Do we want to take it?
  • Review of other Proposals awaiting agreement
  • Any other plans for the year ahead:
  • Upcoming events
  • Arranging Inductions - requesting/scheduling
  • People

Apologies from Arthur Amarra

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