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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
-  * People+  * David W, David H, Toby S, Russell D, Ian S.
 Apologies from Arthur Amarra Apologies from Arthur Amarra
 ===== Topics discussed ===== ===== Topics discussed =====
-  * Items+  * Business rates on G10. We currently get rate relief on the main G11 space. However, we are liable for rates for our half of G10. This is because each unit in BV Studios is a separate unit, and you can only claim rate relief on your primary unit. Additionally, we have been charged the full rateable value for the whole of G10 for the first quarter of 2016; £439.87. Committee voted on this, and agreed to pay this bill (5 in favour, 1 absent). Bristol Council say they will refund this if we can provide the documentation (rental contract) to show we only are responsible for half of this; we'll look into the current rental contract situation. Going forward, Nic M will claim rate relief on his half of G10, and we will pay rates on our half; about £70 per month - there is no other legal way of doing this. This may also mean we need to get formal rental contracts with Robert, and may mean we need to rent the whole of G10, and sub-let to Nick (or vice versa). Actions: DW pays bill from hackspace account, contact council to formalise rates situation. 
 +  * Consumables. Proposal for consumables paid for by the hackspace: Maintain a list on wiki of components that the hackspace will pay for without requiring formal proposal (John Willis has created a list already). Members buy components, and get refunded by hackspace. Items can be added to/removed from the list, at the quarterly members meeting. Upper limits on how much (price/quantity) to be considered. Action: take forward to members meeting for discussion/acceptance. Delegate sections of the list to specialists. 
 +  * Petty cash. Proposal: Petty cash box has a float of £20. This will generally be checked/replenished at regular intervals. This is available for 'tiny' purchases, eg a couple of pounds. Anything on the consumables list (which will include tea and coffee!) can be bought with this. Receipts for purchases must be put in the cash box. Action: confirm with membership at members meeting. 
 +  * Donation box. Proposal: To be replaced with a fixed and locked version. Action: approved by committee. Toby S to source box. 
 +  * Insurance. Toby S has found another broker, who is dealing with other hackspaces insurance needs. They have proposed a policy that has less onerous stipulations. Quote is reasonable, as is the terms. Action: Three quotes will be circulated in the next week, for director approval. Special caveats may be required for the large lathe, and possibly other dangerous equipment. 
 +  * Bank account. Action: Ian S and Arthur A to contact bank; they should resend a letter to authorise access. 
 +  * Database. Russell D showed the progress on the hackspace database. Progress is steady. Action: Russell D and Arthur A to continue good work! 
 +  * Lasercutter update. Laser cutter usage database: Network updated to provide to improve functionality, now waiting on new integration and accessing the data. Action: continue good work! 
 +===== Ran out of time ===== 
 +Committee will reconvene for a further meeting, 19th April, to consider the following: 
 +  * Health and Safety reporting 
 +  * Hackspace running:- equipment left on 
 +  * Monitoring usage/identifying wrongdoers/imposing penalties for non-compliance with agreed rules (to membership) 
 +  * 3 phase power/inverter proposals - more sockets (TBC after open weekend) 
 +  * Arrangement of space:  
 +  * Clear access ways 
 +  * Availability of further space? Do we want to take it? 
 +  * Availability of kiln? Do we want to take it? 
 +  * Review of other Proposals awaiting agreement 
 +  * Any other plans for the year ahead: 
 +  * Upcoming events 
 +  * Arranging Inductions - requesting/scheduling 
 +===== Carried forward ====== 
 +  * Formalise rental arrangements with Robert for G10 and G11, and any sub-let space Gareth/Nic. 
 +  * Age limits on hackspace use/membership, specifically related to insurance 
 +  * Electricity bill?
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