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BOTLab committee meeting 26 May 2015

  • Fire safety
  • Large purchase proposal
  • Committee effectiveness
  • AOB

Matt V, Russell D, David H, David W, Patrick N

  • Fire safety:
    • Resolved to ask John W to carry out fire risk assessment and arrange fire precautions. We will defer concrete steps until after this has been carried out.
    • Action: RD to obtain fire blankets as an interim fire safety measure before risk assessment
    • Signage: Robert has started on this - but we need to put up our own signage directing people to fire exits - Action: DH offers to put this together
    • Fire exits: glass door is not a fire exit!
    • Fire extinguishers: agreed to get 1st Attendance to supply fire extinguishers as previously quoted and to ask JW to make necessary arrangements.
  • Large item proposal:
    • DH: proposes an additional stage between committee review of proposal and pledges: vote by members before and against at a meeting. Other discussions led to updates to the proposal and .
    • Action: DW to investigate setting up a new bank account to hold members' pledges while a proposal is open
  • AOB:
    • MV: spoke to Jonty at London Hackspace about insurance: they only have public liability insurance, have tried to look at other forms of insurance. UK Hackspace Foundation is getting in gear and is looking at working with insurers to provide insurers.
    • MV: Has spoken to Gareth re becoming a Hackspace member and paying us for his space - direct debit should be starting imminently
    • MV: TS has a plan for plugs next door that he'll discuss with members at meeting tomorrow and then feed back to us for approval
    • Committee effectiveness: generally agreed that meetings work better if we have done some preparation, but sometimes there will be debate in the meeting and areas will be discovered to be complex.
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