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BOTLab committee meeting 26 May 2015

  • Fire safety
  • Large purchase proposal
  • AOB

Matt V, Russell D, David H, David W

  • Fire safety:
    • Resolved to ask John W to carry out fire risk assessment and arrange fire precautions. We will defer concrete steps until after this has been carried out.
    • Action: RD to obtain fire blankets as an interim fire safety measure before risk assessment
    • Signage: Robert has started on this - but we need to put up our own signage directing people to fire exits - Action: DH offers to put this together
    • Fire exits: glass door is not a fire exit!
    • Fire extinguishers: agreed to get 1st Attendance to supply fire extinguishers as previously quoted and to ask JW to make necessary arrangements.
  • Large item proposal:
    • DH: proposes an additional stage between committee review of proposal and pledges: vote by members before and against at a meeting,
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