BOTLab Committee Meeting 14 April 2015

  • Patrick N, David H, Russell D, Matt V, David W
  1. Review of previous minutes.
  2. Health and Safety
    1. Regulatory compliance
    2. Dust extraction in G10
    3. Cleanliness and tidyness
    4. Provision of safety equipment / machine guards
    5. Establishment of Safety Guidelines and Best Practice
    6. Signage and Marking of areas in G10
    7. Fire extinguishing equipment
  3. Procedural review.
    • Agree/set rules for use of cooking and cleaning facilities for food and drinks in G10/G11
    • Agree/set a minimum figure to be held in the bank as reserve for contingencies
    • Define procedures applying to the allocation of funds for Members joint projects/Training and Promotion
    • Establishment of procedure to be applied to funding demands in excess of £300
    • Establisment of a Fair Usage policy that ensures no members or sub-group are disadvantaged with regard to time or cost of access to equipment
    • Insurance review - does it include training and liabilities insurance on specific tools/equipment
  4. Plans for the coming year
    • Update on future activities scheduled
    • Current Proposal Documents
    • Relacement or upgrading of current tools and facilities
  5. AOB
    1. gareth payment of rent
    2. next meeting date will be earlier

Last 2 members' meetings:

taken by MV for first time.

  1. review of minutes:
    1. previous action points.
    2. health and safety
    3. sockets AP MV to chase TS on the plan
    4. website moving AP MV to ask Barney what the status is
    5. laser cutter
    6. wired broadband AP MV to clarify with building manager
    7. amount of reserve
  1. health and safety
    1. review of John W's plan
    2. RD in favour of purchasing extinguishers
    3. discussion on pros and cons on fire extinguishers. If we have them we may then be liable if they are misused. However having them could mitigate risk of fire damage equipment.
    4. can we get someone impartial in to help us make a decision? AP MV to ask bristol bike project
    5. AP all committee members to read 'short guide to making your premises safe from fire'
    6. AP sll committee members to have done research on choosing an impartial party
    7. signage AP find someone to do signage
    8. AP RD to update hackspace manual and circulate
    9. AP MV to follow up on Nic
    10. dust extraction
  2. procedural review
    1. cooking & cleaning facilities - AP mv to ask Rob if we can move kitchen unit if we pay for footprint
    2. sink - AP DH sign to say 'no food or drink in this sink'.
    3. minimum figure for reserve. £9k in the bank, £900 pcm coming in. rent&bills is £600 pcm. £5.5k 9 months agreed.
    4. PN asks whether we should sort out a contract with Rob
    5. £1000 is kept as reserve for small expenditures.
    6. insurance
    7. AP MV to doodle a meeting in months time.
    8. AP all committee to read the large equipment proposal so will do so and edit before next meeting
  1. items not discussed
    1. fair usage
    2. insurance review
    3. plans for coming year
    4. aob
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