BOTLab Committee Meeting 3 October 2014

  • Patrick Neave, David Wyatt, David Henshall, Russell Dicken, Matt Venn
  1. Newly elected member Russell Dicken was welcomed to the committee.
  2. - Allocation of committee roles:

.. After deliberation, the following roles were identified and committee members assigned:

  • Membership Secretary - RD
  • Treasurer/company secretary - DW
  • Chair - PN (with oversight of “information infrastructure” i.e. website etc., but Barney L has offered to continue sysadmining with Alaric S-P for the time being)
  • Events - MV
  • Publicity - DH
  1. Plans for the coming year
  2. DH proposes regular members meetings throughout the year.
  3. It was agreed that members meetings to be held at the Hackspace would be scheduled beginning at the end of October and at 3 monthly intervals.
    1. Action: PN to arrange meeting for 28 October and at 3 monthly intervals.
  4. PN proposes another weekend to tidy the space, with the offer of food and drink (pizza) as an incentive.
  5. DW proposes sharing knowledge within the committee possibly via a workshop meeting.
  6. PN suggests scheduling regular committee meetings in the same way as the members meetings. It was agreed that these will be added to the calendar and held 2 weeks prior to the members meetings.
  7. MV would like to investigate new ways of organising workshops throughout the year, along the lines of the recent Oscilloscope workshop.
  8. DH would like to see more collaborative projects targeting various external events in and around the Bristol area.
  9. MV suggests there should be somebody to champion or oversee projects within the space, there are several examples of projects getting a lot of initial interest and then just running out of steam.
  10. PN suggests there could be funds allocated from Hackspace resources for particular projects if they would benefit Hackspace and the community.
  11. DW notes that we see lots of offers of equipment/resources offered by various commercial companies and what is the best way to deal with them.
  12. DH noted that Gareth is now a fully paid up member of the Hackspace and will continue working in the corner of G11 as before.
  13. MV points out that lot of interest has been expressed in providing a 'bike' space in G10. This was agreed to be a good idea for the Hackspace but the details should be left to the members meetings.
  14. MV would like to see the be-quested electronics parts sorted out.
  15. RD mentioned the problem in disposing the growing pile of WEEE waste left in the space. DH volunteered to transport some to the refuse site.
  16. DH mentioned that bins were being left full on a Thursday, this needs to be made a priority early on a Thursday evening and not left until the end.
  17. PN notes that XtreamLab requested payment for our website hosting in February of this year and have not been paid. DW noted that Barney was in the process of setting up a VPS for Hackspace but was not quite ready. PN suggested we pay XtreamLab for this year in the expectation that in February the VPS can take over.
  18. MV suggests producing an updated flyer about the hackspace, and/or more concerted “marketing“
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