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(Matt and Anton sent apologies)


  • Bristol Braille Technology: Ed Rogers from Bristol Braille Technology has joined the Hackspace in order to use the space fairly regularly as an office. Tarim has given him the last spare key.
  • David's surveys: The results of the Doodle poll on kit have been added to the Equipment Wanted page. The other survey hasn't been summarised yet.
  • Progress with H&S and insurance: Anton spoke to Tarim on his initial findings, but is currently too busy to devote much time to this issue. We confirmed that we really do need insurance (or at least to clarify the insurance situation), so David W and Tarim will attempt to sort this out. See the Insurance page for ongoing developments.
  • Air Quality Egg workshop: Damon delivered an update on this. The project is running slightly behind schedule, so instead of August 2012 the workshop will now be in September. We've been offered Wed-Th 19-20, and the large number of other workshops being run means that we may be unable to change this date. The venue is provisionally the CREATE centre, btu the dates have not yet been confirmed with them. Ticket sales (so far ~20 out of 30 places) have been a mixture of individuals and companies sending their employees; thus some participants may want the time to be within working hours, but others might prefer evenings/weekends. Damon's original proposal for the format was thus a Wednesday evening (6-9pm) session for participants to build the device (no soldering required - only plugging in the sensors, slotting together the lasercut enclosures and sealing it all up), followed by 12 hours of data gathering, and then a Thursday morning workshop to learn about using the data (which might be open to more participants than those who actually have an Egg). Alternative suggestions included a Fri-Sat 2-day format with 2 build sittings on Fri (one afternoon, for workers, and one evening, for individuals) and then a Sat morning analysis - but we're not certain we'll be able to get a different date. Ticket sales so far have raised £900-£1000 on Eventwax, which Damon will transfer to the Hackspace account; we will then pay this and the £500 grant from Bristol City Council to the AQE team once they invoice us (probably soon) to guarantee our workshop booking. Lastly, we will need to source our own lasercut enclosures and sealant - Tarim recommends Dave McGoran at UWE Bower Ashton, and will approach him to ask for use of the machine - Damon will thereafter sort out the details.
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