• Tarim
  • David Wyatt
  • Barney Livingston
  • Anton Bowers
  • Matt Venn
  • Dominic Morrow

Topics discussed

  • Finances and budget: David W presented a summary of our finances. Generally we're looking pretty good.
  • Plans for hackspace clear-up: We will tidy up the hackspace on Sunday 29 April, and attempt to remove and discard as much of the wouldn't-it-be-nice-to-keep-this stuff as possible!
  • Bank forms: Tarim, David W and Matt signed up as signatories to the bank account and registered for online access. Tarim will send these off to Mike to countersign, and thence to the bank (EDIT: done)
  • BV Open Studios weekend meeting (Matt?)
  • Plans for FSC Hackday (Barney?)
  • Report on Health and Safety (Anton)
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