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Project Storage

Most of the space at Hackspace is strictly communal, and should not be used for storing your stuff. The Project Storage Area in The Main Room is provided for the storage of stuff relating to your current projects.

Ad-hoc storage elsewhere makes Hackspace harder to use, less accessible, and more dangerous.

In the Project Storage Area, there are a few storage options:

WhereWhatSticker to use
Project BoxesFor smaller parts and materials“Do Not Hack”
Sheet Material RackFor plywood, acrylic, etc. Designed to take up to about A0 (laser bed size) or 1/3 sheet of ply “Do Not Hack”
Long Material AreaFor timber, metalstock, etc. We intend to build a rack here in the future. Watch for the lights when manoeuvring long materials!“Do Not Hack”
Short Stay RackFor larger projects or assemblies that don't fit in a project box, and need to hang around for a few days until you can come finish them.“Short Stay”

Stickers for your project materials can be found in the Sticker Holster, in the Project Storage Area.

Do Not Hack Stickers - These should be used to protect project boxes, sheet materials, and long materials, when stored in the correct place. They offer no protection on other items stored elsewhere!

They are printed with a date between 6 and 9 months in the future on them. Once the date on the sticker has expired, the item becomes fair game for hacking or disposal. You can extend the protection by updating the sticker with a new one.

Write your name on the sticker - it offers no protection otherwise.

Short-Stay Stickers - These should be used to protect stuff on the short-stay rack for a maximum of around a week.

Anything that has been hanging around on a 'short stay' for conspicuously long is fair game for hacking or disposal.

Write your name and the date you left the item on the sticker - it offers no protection otherwise.

Please don't use the Project Storage Area to 'donate' materials you don't want any more. See Donated Hackables instead.

If you have a short-stay item that absolutely wont fit on the rack, and you have no choice but to leave it briefly somewhere else in the space, please ensure that you:

  • Notify the google group in advance, with the details of what, where, and how long.
  • Do not leave it on a bench - Put it somewhere where it will cause the minimum of inconvenience to others.
  • NEVER leave it in the workshop - The machines in here are simply too dangerous to share an environment with ah-hoc storage.
  • Ensure it does not create a hazard (eg: by blocking a fire escape).
  • Remove it as soon as possible.
  • Place a 'Short Stay' sticker on it, giving the date it was left there, so others know that it's not just random junk.

Storage Space is at a premium in Hackspace, so please be thoughtful in what you store, and for how long.

If the directors feel you are taking up more than your fair share of our limited storage space, we may ask you to remove some stuff, or remove it for you.

Everything left at Hackspace is done so entirely at your own risk.

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