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Consumables are very useful generic things that we aim to keep in stock, for everyone to make reasonable light use of in their projects.

If you are using a large proportion of our stock of any item, then this is not reasonable light use, and you should buy it yourself rather than deplete the Hackspace supply.

Consumables are kept on the consumables boards in the Woodshop, Metalshop (TBC), and Electronics Area (TBC). There's a full table of what should be on these boards further down this page.

If you find that a consumable item running low or missing, please help out by restocking it. The Treasurer will refund you if you submit the receipt.

ItemSupplier Code
Wood glue 1L Toolstation 22271
Sanding roll 10m 60grit Toolstation 53602
Sanding roll 10m 120grit Toolstation 76933
Sanding roll 10m 180grit Toolstation 35491
Sanding roll 10m 240grit Toolstation 33624
Masking tape 25mm Toolstation 61281
Impact driver bits PZ2 Toolstation 11944
Self-starting wood screws 3.5 x 20 Toolstation 80187
Self-starting wood screw 4.0 x 40 Toolstation 72285
Self-starting wood screw 5.0 x 60 Toolstation 70894
Lip & spur drill bit 3mm x 2 Screwfix 1667V
Lip & spur drill bit 4mm x 2 Screwfix 6251V
Lip & spur drill bit 5mm Screwfix 9086V
Lip & spur drill bit 6mm Screwfix 7557V
Lip & spur drill bit 8mm Screwfix 5860V
Lip & spur drill bit 10mm Screwfix 5828V

[Coming Soon]

[Coming Soon]

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