Hackspace Proposals

N.B. If you have paid for goods or services on behalf of the Hackspace, you should reclaim the money using the expenses claim form.

Hackspace proposals are a mechanism to put forward project ideas that would impact on the Hackspace and its members - e.g. infrastructure changes, additional tools and equipment, furnishing the space.

Proposals should:

  • Be clearly defined
  • Provide information on their intended goal, who they will affect and how
  • State what they depend on in terms of resources and who will undertake any work needed
  • Include a budget if applicable with a funding model (e.g. self-funded, part-funded, match-funded)
  • Have one principal proposer

(as approved at BOTLab AGM on 17th December 2015)

  1. Micro proposal under £50 : proposer sends email to members' mailing list (no wiki proposal), need approval from 2 members and 2 committee (from members' meeting 8th November 2016)
  2. Small purchase: total cost <£300, requires wiki proposal (see below) and 5 members' + strict majority of committee members' support
  3. Medium purchase: total cost £300-£600, requires wiki proposal (see below) and 10 members' + strict majority of committee members' support
  4. Large purchase: total cost >£600, requires the Large proposals process
  1. Write up the proposal on this wiki. confused as to how? then follow this step by step tutorial!
  2. Post to the members' mailing list covering all the details above.
  3. If you obtain the required number of supporters for the type of proposal (either by email reply or by supporters adding themselves to the wiki page), proceed with the purchase.

Some proposals may require financial backing.

Dependent on the scope and remit of certain proposals it may be appropriate for full or partial funding by Hackspace. Proposals should include an estimated budget (backed by quotations, etc where appropriate) and a funding model.

Funding models may include:

  • full funded by Hackspace
  • a percentage split between Hackspace and supportive member backing (including match funding)
  • fully member supported

If you have paid for goods or services on behalf of the Hackspace, you should reclaim the money using the expenses claim form.

To assess available funds, the finance tracker for the current financial year is available on the wiki.

Date Title Proposer Status
07/03/2017 Proposal Template Proposer Name
17/05/2022 COSHH Flammable Materials Cabinet Sam S Awaiting Support
28/04/2022 Metal Lathe Lubrication Drew B Ordered: consumable
20/02/2022 CNC Spindle and VFD Sam P Awaiting Support
23/11/2021 Cartridge Filter Sam P Awaiting support
19/08/2021 Desoldering Station Marsh Awaiting support
24/06/2021 110V transformer Nick G Approved - awaiting purchase
19/11/2020 Lathe shield Nic M Awaiting support
01/10/2020 Sublimation Cups Russ C Awaiting support
30/04/2020 Probe for CNC mill Alex R Not yet put forward
21/09/2020 PCB CNC Controller Bits n' Bobs David Kitschker Passed - Slowly being built
14/11/2020 PCB CNC - Part 2 David Kitschker Completing proposal


Date Title Proposer Status
28/04/2022 Metal Lathe Chuck Guard and Accessories Drew B Completed
09/04/2022 Oscilloscope Sam P Completed
16/02/2022 Sink in Kitchen Area Richard L Completed
05/02/2022 Metal Shop Phase 1 Alex R Completed


Date Title Proposer Status
24/04/2021 Mitre saw Fraser H Passed
06/06/2021 Wolf Air Compressor Alex R Purchased
25/06/2021 Hot Air rework Ben Everard Approved and purchased
19/08/2021 Tool Sharpening System Dave K Passed
28/07/2021 CNC compressed air line Sam Partridge Passed
31/10/2021 Woodshop Tool Extraction Matt G Passed
31/10/2021 Woodshop Dust Separation Matt G Passed
26/11/2021 Table saw Matt RT Completed


Date Title Proposer Status
01/11/2020 Lathe Tooling Russ C / Alex R Complete
21/12/2020 Wood Lathe Parts David Kotlyar Complete
03/01/2020 Scrapstore Membership Libby Miller Completed
05/01/2020 Heater Timers Alex Rowe Not passed
05/01/2020 CNC Gubbins Alex Rowe Completed
09/01/2020 CNC Extraction Tom Coates Completed
24/01/2020 Prusa Maintenance Russ C Completed
13/02/2020 Original Prusa MK3 3D printer Billy-George Price-Sprackland Not yet put forward
21/02/2020 Formlabs 2 SLA Printer Nic Marshall & Jonny Taphouse Not yet put forward
06/04/2020 3D Printer Repair Nic Marshall Completed
20/04/2020 110v Power Alex Rowe Completed
30/04/2020 Cross Slide Feed Nut Russell C Completed
15/07/2020 Hand Sanders for woodwork Dave K Completed
16/07/2020 Replacement palm router proposal David Kitschker Completed
25/08/2020 Replacement parts around G10 proposal Joe Christian Completed
30/08/2020 Wood Lathe Chisel Set David Kotlyar Completed
05/10/2020 Bicycle Wheel Truing Kit Joe Christian Purchased


Date Title Proposer Status
05/01/2019 Soldering Irons RC Purchased - Awaiting Delivery
01/02/2019 Dupont connectors Kit Wallace Approved - Never purchased
02/02/2019 Hardened steel nozzles for the 3D printer Kit Wallace Complete
07/03/2019 Tormek T-7 Grinder + Jigs for sharpening tools AHF Failed
08/03/2019 Belt and disc sander 1 CW Cancelled
08/03/2019 Belt and disc sander 2 CW Approved
28/03/2019 Drill and impact driver combo Alex Rowe Complete
13/04/2019 Hoverboard Battery Russell C Completed
09/05/2019 Sublimation Printer Katja Hornchen Complete
07/07/2019 Plunge Router & New Router Bits Ryan D Hale Complete
14/08/2019 Air Filtration Russell C Delivered
19/08/2019 Spot Welder for batteries Mark E Pitt Purchased - Awaiting Delivery
27/09/2019 Lathe Pinion Gear Russell C Completed
17/10/2019 Circuit Bending Club equipment Jenny Moss Purchased - Awaiting Delivery
28/10/2019 Replacement Laser Tube Felix H Awaiting Delivery
28/10/2019 Laser Parts Felix H Awaiting Delivery
08/12/2019 Dewalt Jigsaw Matt G Passed - Not purchased
15/12/2019 Bosch Multi Sander Rob G Unknown


Date Title Proposer Status
30/01/2018 Even More Project Boxes RC Complete
07/03/2018 G-ClampsJWApproved
29/03/2018 Laser Tube ConsumableNMrejected
09/04/2018 G10 Consumables ListMGSuccessful
13/04/2018 Lathe_AccessoriesRDHApproved
23/04/2018 3D ScannerNMcancelled
07/06/2018 New Laser TubeNMPending further tube degradation
08/07/2018 Laser Mini-ServiceLibbyMillercancelled (timed out / Joe Dusta's expertise)
20/08/2018 New Socket Set, Spanners and Screwdrivers RC Approved
26/09/2018 Bandsaw replacement and blades RDH Purchased
30/09/2018 E32 Workshop grade Metric slip gauges JW Cancelled
13/12/2018 Mayku Desktop Vacuum Former NG Approved
11/12/2018 Original Prusa MK3 3D printer NG Purchased
11/12/2018 Lathe Harrison M250 BN Accepted Members Meeting
11/12/2018 Lathe Warco GH1230 BN Rejected Members Meeting


Date Title Proposer Status
08/02/2017 Table plug sockets NM Approved baby oh yeah!
06/03/2017 bi metal holesaw kit JW Aproved and Purchased
06/03/2017 Pin Punch Set JW Approved and purchased
06/03/2017 Pillar drill head NM Approved and purchased
06/03/2017 new dust extractors NM success!!
06/03/2017 belt sander solution NM stale
07/07/2017 Cyanotype Chemicals JW Approved and purchased
17/07/2017 CNC Miller NM Passed - CNC Donated - Focus group to comission
02/09/2017 new henry hoover for Nic NM Put into another larger proposal
13/09/2017 Thermal Imaging Camera RC Purchased
19/09/2017 Hackspace Website Upgrade AA Changed plans
03/10/2017 laserpurchases NM approved


Date Title Proposer Status
12/01/2016 Nuts and bolts NM Approved
12/01/2016 Provision of RFID Membership Cards RD Approved
12/01/2016 Hackspace Proposal DH Approved
12/01/2016 Hackspace Proposal JW Approved
15/01/2016 New laser computer OH Completed
19/01/2016 Tools for the Hardinge Lathe JW Replaced by Commission the Hardinge
19/01/2016 Providing electric Power for the Hardinge Lathe JW Replaced by Commissioning the Hardinge
22/01/2016 Biohack Materials -1 JW Approved
24/01/2016 Craft tools box DW Approved
26/01/2016 Two tool chests and material for new workshop bench JD Approved
29/01/2016 170 piece drill set JW Aproved
01/02/2016 CNC Lathe JW Completed
23/02/2016 storage-boxes DH Approved
25/02/2016 PTouch 1000 Cassettes Consumable Purchase JW Approved
16/03/2016 Bandsaw Blades DH old
18/03/2016 Biohack Containers and Agar for BV Studios Open Weekend JW Aproved
28/03/2016 Solder/Test Bench Safety Improvements and Equipment Preservation TG Approved
01/04/2016 POWER TO THE HACKERS! Single to 3 Phase Inverter NM Superseded
16/04/2016 Hand Tools - File Set JW Approved
01/05/2016 Consumables to set up the consumables sysem. JW No longer necessary
16/05/2016 Kickstarter Donation to Rebuild Eric The Robot JW Not approved
22/05/2016 Large CNC Router NM Cancelled
08/07/2016 CNC Router Dust & Sound Booth NM Approved
14/08/2016 More storage boxes DH Approved
24/08/2016 Transwave Rotary 3 phase converter for the Hardinge Lathe JW Approved
23/09/2016 Scroll Saw Refurbishment CW Approved
30/09/2016 Battery Packs for the De Walt Drill JW Approved & Ordered
04/12/2016 Pressure Cooker for Sterilising Organic Material EG Approved
06/12/2016 Laser Power supply replacement NM Approved and purchased
09/12/2016 Emergency Stops for Hardinge Lathe DS Cancelled
14/12/2016 Commissioning the Hardinge Lathe JW Cancelled
06/12/2016 Dust Filter for G10 JW Not approved in time


Date Title Proposer Status
22/01/2015 New laser NM Agreed
21/02/2015 Surface plate TS Agreed
09/03/2015 Dust Extraction NM Cancelled
10/03/2015 Vacuum Cleaner JW Approved
24/03/2015 Dust Masks RD Deferred
07/04/2015 Arduino/Pi workshop equipment MV Agreed
04/06/2015 hsproposals_2015-06-04-do_not_hack_labels JW Agreed
16/06/2015 Hackspace Proposal DH Agreed
16/06/2015 Hackspace Proposal TGG Cancelled
21/06/2015 Laser Extraction Extension NM Approved
04/07/2015 vinyl printed bags for makerfaire JD Approved
12/07/2015 G10 sockets TS Stale
26/08/2015 Drill Bits JW Agreed
29/08/2015 Eye Wash JW Agreed
13/09/2015 G10 Sockets proposal 2 fixed double 13A sockets JW Stale
14/09/2015 Pillar Drill upgrade NM Approved
22/09/2015 Nuts, washers, self tapping screws, nail, packs and Threaded bar for G10 JW Covered by consumables purchase procedure
03/10/2015 Metric-Combination-Spanner-Set JW Approved
26/10/2015 Huge CNC Routage! NM Cancelled
29/10/2015 Sofa NM Obtained free from college sale
06/12/2015 RasPi and hardware for laser cutter logging AA Approved
15/12/2015 Hardinge Lathe JW Approved at AGM


Date Title Proposer Status
Date Title Proposer Status
11/02/2014 Arduino RD Agreed
13/05/2014 Steps and Magnifier RD Agreed
19/09/2014 Bikespace Nigel Cooksley Agreed
  • Is there a time limit on proposals validity? for garnering support and for implementation?
  • What happens if it needs to be actioned sooner than the next meeting?
  • Should it be a percentage of the Hackspace membership rather than an absolute number to reflect the interests of a growing membership?
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