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Sam Stedman

Description: COSHH Hazardous Storage Cabinet

It was discussed during the maintenance weekend that a COSHH yellow safety cabinet would be a good idea for the newly installed metal workshop. At the moment various tins of flammable material are in a wire rack, that may pose a safety hazard once we start hot metal working in the area. With the various flammable lubricants that the lathe requires plus the future possibilty of storing oil for hot quenching etc, I think it would be a good idea to buy a cabinet slightly larger than our current requirements, to account for future unexpected additions to the hackspace repertoire.

After looking around a fair bit, below is a link to the best value cabinet I could find, that would be big enough for nearly every conceivable activity, but also small enough to fit under the proposed new table along the left wall of the new metal workshop: Dimesnions H900 x W900 x D460mm Sku#: [34021005] https://www.workplace-products.co.uk/hazardous-storage-cabinets-coshh.html

It’s made in the UK, quite cheap compared to comparible models, and has a big sump to contain any potential spills. Most importantly it’s not too big so we can’t jam it full of random tins that then get forgotten about.

Budget: £ ~225 exc. VAT £266.68 inc. VAT and delivery

Where will you buy this thing? Where's the money going?

It will fit in the new metal workshop and should be small enough to fit under a proposed bench agaisnt the left hand wall. I am happy to install it myself.

£225 exc. VAT

  • full funded by Hackspace

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