Nick Confirmed this is a Consumable on the forum, so ordered.Awaiting Approval

Drew Batchelor

What do you wanna buy?

Lubrication for the Lathe as Specified in the manual. Discussion in this thread:

1 General Lubrication, headstock, Oil ports, gears, slides and tailstock Manual specifies - Mobil: DTE Heavy Medium or Shell: Tellus 68 Westways Equivalent: 5L ISO 68 Hydraulic Oil 1 £22

2 Lower Gearbox - I think this is the screw cutting gears. Manual Specifies - Mobil:DTE Extra Heavy or Shell: Vitrea 220 Westways Equivalent: 5L Machine Oil ISO 220 Vitrea 71 72 73 1 £24

3 Way Oil that goes in the Apron for power feed and pumps ups to Ways. Manual Specifies - Mobil: Vactrea No.2 or Shell: Tonna TX 68 Westway Equivalent: 5L Slideway Oil ISO 68 1 £22

4 Funnels or pouring things, I will work this out when we are standing in fron of the lathe. It will be under <£5

Who will buy, install, run, maintain etc.

Drew will buy, and initially top up the lathe. Lathe users will need to check and lubricate the lathe every time they use it.

What are the benefits?

Specialist Machines need specialist lubrication so that they work and live longer. This is a 2-3 year supply.

Where will you buy this thing? Where's the money going?

Westway oils, links above.

How exactly will what you buy fit into hackspace and who will install it?

Initially store it next to the Lathe, I understand that there is a proposal in Draft to get a Coshh cabinet - these oils will go in there.

£ 73

Fully funded by Hackspace.

The metal Lathe.

In future a Coshh Cabinet / Safe storage space.

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