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Ben Everard

Enclosures for the two Prusa MK3S printers. it's a bit chilly in the HackSpace and this can make printing even in PLA a bit iffy on cold days. Prints are warping and falling apart mid-print. An enclosure should generally make printing more reliable and less stressful.

I've knocked up a simple cardboard enclosure for one printer, but this won't last for long. I'd like to build a double enclosure out of clear acrylic, broadly based on this design, but it'll have two separate chambers for two printers.

Acrylic sheet from

5X 60cmx40cm for sides, middle and two doors - £25.2 1x 120cmx40cm for back - £16.80 1x 120cmx60cm for top - £25.20

delivery - £7.99

Additional parts will be 3D printed, so don't need budget for these

Built and installed by Ben. It will take up the table that the two printers are currently on. This will also make a storage area ontop of the printers – I'm proposing putting a dry box for filament storage on there, but I don't think this will need additional budget.

£75.19 (see above)

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  • full funded by Hackspace

The hackspace wiki

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