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Matthew Ryan Tucker

Describe your proposal i.e. what do you wanna buy? A new tablesaw to replace the old one: the tablesaw I have in mind is the Dewalt DWE7485, available from Toolstation

Explain where this proposal has come from i.e. a group of us has suggested/ I've seen this and thought it'd be cool because… etc.

The tablesaw is one of the most used tools in the workshop, but is old and quite unreliable. It is not designed to be integrated with a dust collection system, and as of recently the power switch is broken. I would suggest that it makes more sense to replace the tablesaw than to invest time in trying to get the old one back up to scratch.

Explain how it will be achieved- Who will buy, install, run, maintain etc

I would order from toolstation. The installation process should be simple, but would include constructing a plinth to make the saw level with the worktop. I would like to see if the current plinth can be modified to use on the new saw, or failing that would create a simple stand from wooden 2x4s.

I would plan on inspecting the saw on a quarterly basis, to assess the blade sharpeness etc, and when necessary have the blade sent away for sharpening.

What are the benefits? Explain what the issues are and how this proposal overcomes them.

This is a big expenditure, but I think it is fully justified. As I mentioned before, the tablesaw is used more than most other tools. The DWE7485 has good reviews, and has a reputation for longevity.

A key strength of this tablesaw is the high quality fence, making it excellent for ripping stock. Anyone whos used the current tablesaw for ripping will have spent a lot of time with a ruler trying to ensure that the fence is square: this fence should make this an issue of the past.

This saw would also be able to easily be integrated into the new dust collection system, minimizing the mess and dust exposure in the shop.

The table saw has the same bevel cut abilities as our current saw, so should be able to satisfy our needs.

Where will you buy this thing? Where's the money going? This will be bought from toolstation

How exactly will what you buy fit into hackspace and who will install it? This will replace the current tablesaw, fitting into the same footprint. I would arrange to be in the hackspace on the day of delivery and construct a suitable plinth to raise it to the correct height.


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