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Matt G

Our woodshop makes a lot of sawdust, and we currently fall short of our safety obligations in dealing with it.

To met our dust control needs, we should be extracting the dust at source - ie: on the machines - and we should be attempting to clean the air.

This proposal is to address the former by installing a fixed extraction line to most of our big woodshop machines. I'll look at the latter via a sperate proposal at a later date.

We will install 4” rigid steel pipe along the left and back walls of the shop (where most of the machines are), feeding to an extractor unit in the corner.

Along this pipework, we’ll put offset ‘Y’ junctions. At each junction there will be a blast gate and a flexi-hose to a machine, with appropriate reducers at the end.

This system will cover the linisher, the bandsaw, the wood lathe, the table router, the chopsaw, and the thicknesser. The lathe will be moved up into the jointer's current position, to make this possible.

I’m not including tablesaw at this stage, as it needs work to get it set up for extraction, and I’m not sure it’s worth putting the time into such a dodgy machine.

I’m also not attempting the jointer, as I don’t want to overstretch what can be achieved with our current extractors, and the jointer barely gets used anyhow.

However, the system will be very easy to expand at a later date, if/when we want to bring these machines into scope.

I will also install another spur leading to a sweep hood. This is a floor-level scoop that sucks up any dust and chips which are swept under it with a broom, meaning that keeping the room floor clean becomes much easier.

I plan to try and use our existing 1hp high-volume/low-pressure extractor as the main sucker for this setup, as I think it should be up to the job. If this doesn’t cut the mustard, we can also try our angry little Record Power low-volume/high-pressure extractor too, or look at getting something with more grunt later on.

I also want to try setting up a dust separator just upwind of the extractor. I've put up a sperate microproposal to get a couple of bits to try and make one.

We will use our existing extraction parts where possible (flexi pipe, reducers, junctions, blast gates, extractor). The following additional purchases will be needed.


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