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Dave K

There has been ongoing discussion about the lack of tool sharpening in the HS. There are some old sharpening stones in a drawer but many of us lack the patience and skills to use them effectively. This has left us with a room full of blunt blades.

As there are more and more people joining the HS and being inducted on wood room tools such as the wood lathe and planer. The blunt blades are becoming more and more of a safety issue. There is now a huge demand for an efficient, effective and easy to use sharpening system.

I have been doing a fair bit of reading on the different systems and this is my understanding so far.

Wet-stone sharpening system

Although this system keeps the tool cool as you sharpen, it is quite time consuming and there is a need to keep a trough of water in the machine. In the HS, this is likely to become neglected and messy. Furthermore, the stone will lose shape and need dressing regularly, something that can negatively affect our blades if done by inexperienced people (which most of us are).

Ultimate Edge sand-belt system

This system is faster to use but can overheat the tool. Plus, the belts would need to be replaced as they become warn which will cost us money in the long run.

I propose a slow-speed bench grinder with a CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) wheel and a sharpening jig. The slow speed of the grinder will keep the heat down on the tools. The CBN wheel is a ceramic abrasive second only to diamond in hardness meaning it will never need dressing and will remain consistent over many years. The Sharpening jig will make it easy for anyone to keep a sharp edge on any of the blades. Finally, I would like to put some money towards professionally sharpening some of our most damaged chisels and blades so we will only need to maintain the sharpness, not reshape the tool.

The individual parts of this system are listed below;

Slow-Speed Grinder - £179.98

CBN Wheel - £112.98

Sharpening Jig - £159.98

Additional part for sharpening system - £52.78

Additional Mount needed - £13.78

Budget towards resharpening damaged tool – Maximum of £80

The pillar drill should be moved further into the metal room and the system can be set up by the wood lathe. I will set up a little workstation for it and hang step-by-step instructions above it. I am also happy to run training on this system as part of the wood lathe induction and encourage the other inductors to follow suit.  

£599.50 + Shipping

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