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To avoid having to wheel the air compressor into the CNC room, a suggestion has been made to install a compressed air line from the metal workshop. This will run along the ceiling down to the CNC mill.

Most parts shall be purchased from pipefittingsdirect.co.uk as they appear to be the most competitive on pricing. The full parts list includes:

Item Quantity Total Price
Main tubing and connectors (pipefittingsdirect)
John Guest 1 bay kit 15mm 1 £72.43
15mm straight connector 1 £1.91
15mm Rigid Nylon Pipe 1 £7.34
Replacement compressor hose and fittings (pipefittingsdirect)
Nylon Pre formed Airline 6mm ID 2.5m 1 £13.42
Draper 1/4“ Coupling Female pair 1 £8.48
Draper 1/4” Adaptor Female pair 1 £2.59
CNC mill (pipefittingsdirect)
Pressure regulator 1 Donated
Total £106.17

As well as the tubing/couplers, the kit includes a single wingback wall bracket, a PCL quick release coupling and a flex hose for the compressor. The extra connector and pipe is to provide the extra length required to reach across both rooms.

The replacement compressor hose and fittings is for the old coiled air hose that got damaged. The adapters are sold in pairs which allows a second hose to be made with the spare on top the CNC mill. This second hose can be left attached to the CNC mill. Toolstation was chosen here due to pipefittingsdirect apparently not selling BSPT adapters and only BSPP.

The pressure regulator for the CNC mill is a spare that is being donated by Sam P. It already comes with a bayonet air coupling. The existing 8mm pipe connector fits onto the other end.

See the following renders for the proposed installation:

Tubes are 3m long each. Both rooms are approximately 4m wide which will require just under 3 tubes. A comfortable outlet height is approx 1.6m from the floor, or 1.0m from the ceiling, however the compressor may need to be lower. Allow 2 tubes for the drops.


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