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24/04/21 Updated to remove stand and add fixings 12/05/21 - Proposal also changed from Medium to Small.

Passed - Awaiting setup

Fraser H

I propose we purchase a circular mitre saw for the new wood shop.

Prior to the move a large number of members had a personal arrangement with Nic to be able to use his saw.

This suggests that a mitre saw would be a worthwhile purchase for use in our new wood shop.

This has been discussed on the Google Group in the threads below.



Based on the discussions in the above threads I propose we purchase the Evolution R255SMS-DB 255MM Electric Double-Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw from Screw Fix. https://www.screwfix.com/p/evolution-r255sms-db-255mm-electric-double-bevel-sliding-mitre-saw-230v/128hf

The saw would be bolted to the right hand side of the workbench at the end of the wood shop next to the door through to the main room.

For future reference replacement blades are readily available both from Evolution and other blade manufacturers. https://www.screwfix.com/p/evolution-circular-saw-blade-255-x-25-4mm-28t/65166

Due to the nature of this machine an induction would be required to use it. Once the machine is in place I will draw up an induction plan and start running in-person inductions. If you feel you would be able to offer any assistance in drawing up an induction plan and/or running inductions then do please get in contact as it would be appreciated.

If approved I am happy to arrange the purchase, assist with the installation and be an official maintainer if that is required.

The saw will be purchased from Screw Fix. Stock availability is very limited at this time so there may be a delay between the proposal passing and stock being available to purchase.

When plans for the layout of the new wood shop were made a space for a saw like this was planned out including its connection to the dust extraction system.

The saw would be bolted to the right hand side of the workbench at the end of the wood shop next to the door through to the main room. There is power available on the wall behinds the unit. a 30mm extraction hose will be connected to the saw and run down the space behind the workbench to allow this to be connected to the same extractor as the sander and bandsaw are. Having the saw in the position will allow a maximum cut-off/overhang of materials on the right side of the blade of 1300mm and off the left side of the blade of 3000mm approximately.

Quantity item Link cost
1 Evolution Mitre Saw Link 1 199.99
1 Dust port adaptorLink 1 5
1 3 Meters of hose including deliveryLink 1 15.95
1 100mm to 30mm reducerLink 1 14
1 Jublie clips for extraction hose 1 6.90
1 Fixings (Sizes TBC once saw purchased) 1 20
TOTAL 261.84
  • full funded by Hackspace

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Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Nick G
  2. Alex R
  3. Matt G

Supporting Members:

  1. Jonny T
  2. Joe Christian
  3. Aussie Dave
  4. Welsh Dave
  5. Vickki H
  6. Chris P
  7. Ryan H
  8. Fraser H
  9. Richard S
  10. Toby Scott

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