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Russ C

The Sublimation printer was purchased with a box of 36 cups way back in 2019. The cups are now all gone. The last purchase is now some 17 months ago which is a usage of about 2 cups per month.
This proposal is to buy a second batch of 36 cups for £29.39 or 79p each

For those that don't know Bristol Hackspace has a full colour sublimation printer. This is a special printer that prints an image on sublimation paper which then can be thermally transferred, or sublimated, onto a different object. The object has to have certain surface type for the process to work hence normal cups don't work. In this case specially prepared mugs which have had a coating applied and can therefore accept the printed image.
For example this is the farting unicorn mug I made some time ago that had a recent battle with gravity and lost.

36 sublimation cups Ebay Link for £29.39 which includes postage.

Replace the box of cups that were under the 3D print table.


  • full funded by Hackspace

The hackspace wiki

Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Russ C
  2. Felix

Supporting Members:

  1. Kathy H
  2. Christian E
  3. x

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