Joe Christian

I propose we buy a few bits and bobs for our growing cycle repair contingent. It's super useful to be able to true knackered wheels to get them running straight again. It normally costs about £12 a wheel to get it done professionally, so you can save a fair bit of money doing it yourself.

I've mentioned it to a few people and everyone i've spoken to seems keen.

Once bought it will go with the other cycle stuff. Hopefully this will have a more permanent home in the new space. The dream would be to have a bicycle tool shadow board next to the cycle racks.

These tools don't take up much space, but as an individual I wouldn't use them enough to warrant buying them myself, hence why they are a great thing for a community space. I'm not an expert in bicycles nor wheel building, so I have gone for the budget knock offs of everything. If there's a reason we shouldn't and should spend 3x more on some bits then please let me know.

It will go with the other bike tools. Though hopefully they will have a more dedicated space in the future.


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