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There are quite a lot of tools in G10 that don't have the parts they need to be used properly. There are also quite a lot of things we probably once had that have gone missing/been broken and never replaced.

I put a list up in G10 by the door a few months ago and have been adding to it each time I find there isn't something there.

I think all these things have already been part of hackspace before, and don't require any further manintenance than they have had previously. I am happy to do the buying of the parts. I also welcome constructive suggestions for better/cheaper/more appropriate versions of what I have suggested.

Minotaur Mini Hacksaw Blades 150mm (6“) 5 pack - £1.29 Not on the consumables list. We currently have no working junior hacksaw blades.

Erbauer countersink 12 x 50mm - £2.69 The countersinks we have are a bit blunt.

Hardwood Try Square 230mm - £8.06 The try square has been missing for a while now. should we buy 3 engineers squares instead or is a try squares good for some cases?

Engineers Square 150mm - £5.97 A larger engineers square, we currently don't have any right angle making devices.

Engineers Square 100mm - £4.19 Another engineers square

Cable Tie Black 100mm x 2.5 100 pack - £0.76 I couldn't find any mini cable ties in G10 or G11. Useful for attaching notes to objects and keep accessories stored with things, as well as all the other uses.

Trimming knife blade heavy duty 100 pack - £7.98 Set of utility craft knifes to go in the current handle we have. It's on the consumables list but the link is out of date and I figure we may as well make use of a wholesale discount price. We don't have any blades currently.

Dremel Accessory Set 150 Pc - £39.98 We have 3 dremels but very few working attachments and barely any working mandrels. This kit contains lots of spare accessories to get our dremels up and running again

Flexovit sanding sponges fine/medium 6 pack - £7.49 Good for wrapping sand paper around to apply even pressure across work piece. You can also use the block itself to sand things as well.

14 Piece Spring Clamp Set - £13.19 Spring clamps allow quick holding down of material, great for glueing etc.

Clarke CHT856 24” Spreader Clamp - £9.59 - x4 total = £38.36 Good for quick clamping down material onto the work bench which has a depth of 250mm at some points.

Sandpaper dispenser - £4.99 - x2 total = £9.98 There are 4 types of sand paper roll on the consumables list, but only 3 dispensers. The spare belt sanding belts could do with a home as well, hence buying 2.

Evolution R185TCT-20CS 185mm Multi-Material Blade = £21.59 The handheld circular saw doesn't currently have a blade fitted. Our saw says it takes 190mm diameter blades with a 20mm bore size, this is a 185mm blade, but I don't think that would cause any problems?

New bins - £9 - x3 total = £27 There are 2 bins in G11 and 1 bin in G10. All are snapped and broken. I'm proposing these bins with lids as they are less easy to overfill, hopefully encouraging members to empty them rather than play jenga. They are also stackable and so quite easy to put all 3 on Matt's trolley and wheel them to the bin store, as well as taking up less floor space in use.

Sash clamps 1800mm 2pk - £43.19 - x2 total = 86.38 Good for clamping strips of wood together and for higher clamping force applications, they are much sturdier for their length than other clamps.

Wet stone and honing angle - £9.98 Our stock of tool sharpening stones are quite dilapitated. I propose a new stone and angle guide suitable for chisels and planes.

All these things already have drawers or locations where they are stored. Where new products will be replacing old/unusable items I will dispose of the old tool.


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