Russell C
Johnny T
Alex R (Proposal Update)

The lathe is working and now needs cutting tools and a few spanners etc for it.

Where will you buy this thing? Where's the money going?

Cutting tools,
Why Carbide?
A decision to go with carbide tooling has been made because this will give everyone the same experience with the lathe without having to make and sharpen HSS blanks which is a skill by it's self at the best of times.
Plenty of pre made HSS cuttings bits have been previously donated and are available fof the jobs that will benefit HSS over carbide.

Indexed Carbide cutter set + spare tips
Indexed carbide boring bar + spare tips
Indexed carbide Parting off tool + spare tips

Centre drill set of 3 X 2 They break easily, hence two sets. Unbranded ones have unpredictable quality so the cheapest have not been chosen

Separate tools will be kept for exclusive use with the lathe and are not a duplication of combination spanner sets.
Obtained 19mm spanner for the tool post
Obtained 13mm spanner for compound slide
Obtained 8mm square socket spanner for tool holder

Metric thread gauge set
Imperial thread gauge set
Thread turning alignment gauge

Gear oil.
Precision Machinists Level for ensuring the bed is level. An essential part of aligning the lathe properly.
See Blondihacks guide to aligning a lathe to explain why this is needed and how it is used.
LED striplight (non strobing) for above the lathe work area

The tooling will be stored and used within the area the lathe is already occupying.

Quantity item Link cost
1 Carbide cutter set Ebay Link (updated) 1 15.89
1 Spare carbide tips X 10Ebay Link (updated) 1 11.40
1 Carbide boring set Ebay Link (updated) 1 16.72
1 Carbide boring bits X 10Ebay Link 1 7.99
1 Parting off tool Ebay Link 1 7.55
1 Parting off tips X 10- Ebay Link 1 4.95
1 3 piece centre drill set Axminster Link (updated) 1 9.88
1 Thread gauge Metric/Imperial + thread alignment gauge Ebay Link (updated) 15.90
1 Precision Machinists' Level Amazon link (updated) 1 93.13
1 7mm sprung chuck key Cromwell Link (added) 1 26.50
1 9mm sprung chuck key Cromwell Link (added) 1 34.99
TOTAL 234.90

Full funded by Hackspace

The hackspace wiki

Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Nick G
  2. Alex R
  3. Matt G

Supporting Members:

  1. Dave K
  2. Adam A
  3. Richard S
  4. Will J
  5. Richard L

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