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Replacement of the VonHaus palm router


Needs being built into a nice tray

David Kitschker

This proposal is mainly a repeat of the palm router proposal that ran last year. Unfortunately the router died a premature death, but this was potentially only due to a manufacturing defect. The proposal is to buy direct from the manufacturer who are offering a 2 year warranty on all products. In any case, the price of the router is under half the price of similarly specced well-known brand routers, and more like a quarter of the price when taking into account the extra attachments that come with it.

While I can't speak for everybody, others I've talked to and I haven't had any issues or complaints with the previous unit whilst it worked.

While we already have a box of 1/4“ bits, this proposal includes a £20 budget to replace the broken/missing bits for both the 1/4” and 1/2“ router. This will hopefully mean people will levitate towards the wickes router for the bigger jobs, allowing the palm router to not get as abused.

The suggested Router can be used as a trim router (Due to it's smaller size) and has a part to change the router into a versatile plunge router (The fundamental mechanic required to make clean and stepped passes on your work)

The Router will live in the router cupboard in the workshop

A laminated note can be tied to the bag for people to consider using the wickes router for larger jobs

This item does not require an induction!

Quantity Cost Item Link Notes
1 £69.99 VonHaus Compact Deluxe Palm Router Saw https://www.vonhaus.com/vh_en/compact-deluxe-palm-router-saw
1 £20 Various router bits Bits TBD after checking what the HS is missing
Total £89.99

Full funded by Hackspace


1/4” bits already in the router cupboard

The hackspace wiki

Wiki page will be updated to contain link / PDF etc user manuals.


A majority committee vote is needed for all proposals.

  1. Nick G
  2. Matt G
  3. Felix H


  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes.
  1. David Kitschker
  2. Joseph Christian
  3. Jonny Taphouse
  4. Alex Rowe
  5. Dave K

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