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Russell Couper

The Lathe Cross Slide Feed Nut is worn beyond all recognisable service limits. The adjuster part is also missing.
Although the lathe will function without this part being replaced it will not be the best experience and the newcomer will find excessive backlash in the controls troublesome.
OEM parts are not readily available but someone is manufacturing pattern parts which I am proposing we purchase as part of the lathe commissioning work.


https://youtu.be/CYgV6XdZ2LQ Video demonstrating unserviceable wear on the cross slide nut.

Where will you buy this thing? Where's the money going?

Part of ongoing work.

£85 Lathe Cross Slide Feed Nut
£5 P&P

full funded by Hackspace


Committee Sanity Check:

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  1. Russell C
  2. Felix
  3. Nick G

Supporting Members:

  1. Alex R
  2. Richard L
  3. Billy-G P-S
  4. Richard S
  5. Dave K

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