Official Prusa MK3s

Submission Date: 13/02/2020

Current Status Awaiting Support

Billy-George Price-Sprackland
This proposal is for a 2nd Original Prusa MK3s 3D printer.

The current hackspace 3D printer is an Original Prusa MK3 3D printer. Multiple members use the 3D Printer quite a lot and it gets enough use to warrant a second one. Usage on average has been 4-5 hours a day since it was purchased. The build volume of the 3D Printer is plenty and its ability to make a good print.
I am making a proposal for the same model in order to not create another piece of equipment that needs a separate induction.

If a secondary 3D happens by the same person there needs to be a policy introduced so if you are using both and someone else want's to use the other one you need to cancel your print on the second one.

I suggested a kit here in order to save £200 ish pounds.
I have no experience in constructing a 3D printer to offer inductions on the new printer.
Proposed Purchase:
Bought directly from Prusa.

Proposed Installation:
This printer will go next to the current 3d printer.

£699 (+£8.99 for SD card reader if necessary)

Funding source/model:
Fully funded by Hackspace (from the general fund)

The Hackspace wiki
Maker's Muse Prusa MK3 review
Tom Sanladerer's Prusa MK3 review


Member: A large purchase proposal needs a majority vote at a quorate meeting (see large purchase props for more info). Proxy votes are included.

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