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Matt G

This is a proposal to buy a cordless dewalt jigsaw of the same range as our current drill and driver.

It's a bare unit because we already have two compatible batteries and chargers hanging on the wall in G10.


Jigsawing is a often attempted task in the workshop, and I've seen many a folk disappointed by the our current stable of half-broken supermarket jigsaws, which are all so knackered they cut wandering juddering lines regardless of how careful you are, and tend to spit blades out for fun. These joke saws will all be disposed of.

We currently have a few jigsaw blades on the consumables list. These will be reviewed/updated at the next member's meeting to ensure they fit.

Our current Dewalt drill & driver have nice compartments made for them in one of the workshop drawers. The saw will receive the same treatment in the draw below.

The current cupboard full of joke jigsaws will be freed up for other uses.

£ 119.99

  • funded by Hackspace

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Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Matt G
  2. Felix H
  3. Russ C

Supporting Members:

  1. Alex Rowe
  2. Richard Lawrance
  3. Jon Dowling
  4. x
  5. x

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