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Felix H

The laser is in dire need of a replacement set of mirrors and we can get these along with a refill of lenses and full setup of both these and the laser tube (separate proposal) without a delivery/callout fee tomorrow (29th) while Smoke and Mirrors are in the area. If this proposal isn't supported in time I'll take it down and add it to the members meeting agenda.

Laser check-up and tube setup by S&M - £78 Replacement mirror set - £30 3X Replacement lenses - £25

Replace existing components in laser. Felix to coordinate.


  • full funded by Hackspace

Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Felix H
  2. Ryan H
  3. Matt G

Supporting Members:

  1. Sam C
  2. Jon D
  3. Russel D
  4. Fraser H
  5. Vikki H

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