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Awaiting Approval

Your name

Describe your proposal i.e. what do you wanna buy?

Explain where this proposal has come from i.e. a group of us has suggested/ i've seen this and thought it'd be cool because… etc.

Explain how it will be achieved- Who will buy, install, run, maintain etc

What are the benefits? Explain what the issues are and how this proposal overcomes them.

Where will you buy this thing? Where's the money going?

How exactly will what you buy fit into hackspace and who will install it?


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  • full funded by Hackspace
  • a percentage split between Hackspace and supportive member backing (including match funding)
  • fully member supported

The hackspace wiki

Committee Sanity Check:

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  • A majority committee vote is needed for all proposals:
  • A large purchase proposal needs to be passed by the committee before members can vote on it.
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Supporting Members:

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  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes:
  • A medium proposal needs 10 member votes:
  • A large purchase proposal needs a majority vote at a quorate meeting (see large purchase props for more info). Proxy votes are included. As of 02/2020 there were 240 members. A meeting is quorate with 10 % of membership= 24 members. Majority vote= 13 people.
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